Eric Trump Told Sean Hannity That His Father Is Getting Hit With “Subpoena After Subpoena” On A Daily Basis

That's...that's not a good defense.

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The New York Attorney General’s office, headed by Letitia James, has launched a criminal probe into the Trump Organization. The probe has gone from a civil case to a criminal one, and Eric Trump is the Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization, so he should be worried, too. Eric Trump appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show and said that he’s “on the receiving end. Every single day, my father gets subpoena after subpoena,” and that is not a very good defense. That would mean, and I am not an attorney, that investigators seek documents and/or testimony from Trump and/or the former president’s spawn.

Eric added that “they attack us, they go after us for doing absolutely nothing wrong. We gave up business when my father went to the White House.”

Yeah, no. Trump tried to profit from the presidency.



Twitter users piled in.

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If you’re not criming around, you don’t have to worry about being issued subpoenas, so that’s a pretty weird flex. And it sure sounds as if Eric Trump admitted that he’s been subpoenaed, too.

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