Even Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband Is Done With Her, Pulls The Plug On Their Marriage, Files For Divorce After 27 Years, According To Legal Docs Obtained By TMZ

Apparently even her husband is fed up.

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Things are going sour for the Republican Party’s biggest stooge this week, as TMZ breaks the news that Georgia GOP House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband is officially pulling the plug on their marriage of 27 years.

According to legal documents obtained and reviewed by the popular tabloid, 50-year-old Perry Greene mosied his way on up to the courthouse on Tuesday of this week, where he officially filed for divorce from his wife, 48-year-old Marjorie Taylor Greene, effectively beginning the process of dissolving their marriage that last just short of three decades.

Marjorie and Perry were married in August of 1995, while the to-be-lawmaker was still in college at the University of Georgia. Perry shares three children with the controversial, ultra Right-wing, QAnon congresswoman, Lauren, Taylor, and Derek, all of whom are now over the age of 18.

Thus far, no details have been made public in regard to the reason for the couple’s split. However, in the legal documents obtained and reviewed by TMZ Marjorie’s husband alleges that the pair had previously been separated for an undisclosed amount of time. Perry is now seeking a full dissolution of the marriage and is calling on the court to divvy up both their assets and their debts equally between the two of them.

Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly gave a statement to TMZ regarding the news of her impending divorce and said:

Marriage is a wonderful thing and I’m a firm believer in it. Our society is formed by a husband and wife creating a family to nurture and protect. Together, Perry and I formed our family and raised three great kids. He gave me the best job title you can ever earn: Mom.”

Marjorie goes on to add in her statement, “I’ll always be grateful for how great of a dad he is to our children.”

Read the full report on the news of Marjorie’s divorce from TMZ here.

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