Ex “Apprentice” Producer’s NDA Has Expired And He’s Dropping Secrets About Donald Trump Too Horrifying For Words

It's all coming out now, Donnie boy.

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Rumors and speculations regarding Donald Trump’s time as a reality television “star” during the early 2ooos and into the 2010s have long been swirling before, during, and after his highly controversial presidency. However, save from a few bombshells from the infamous Noel Casler over the years, getting any cold, hard confirmation on any of those rumors has been nearly impossible, as every possible source has unsurprisingly been locked into silence with ironclad NDAs.

However, the expiration date on that NDA has finally come around for one of the show’s biggest inside sources, and, suffice it to say, he has wasted no time in spilling all of Donald Trump’s dirtiest little secrets.

Former Apprentice producer Bill Pruitt, who worked on the first two years of the show starting back in 2008, has penned a new piece for Slate that is absolutely packed full of multiple, damning bombshells on the scandal-plagued, multi-indicted ex-president — ranging from his treatment of women to his arrogant refusal to pay his bills to his casual racism and use of the N-word.

With his newfound freedom, Pruitt writes, “By carefully misleading viewers about Trump—his wealth, his stature, his character, and his intent—the competition reality show set about an American fraud that would balloon beyond its creators’ wildest imaginations.”

The former Apprentice producer jumped in head first as he divulged and detailed Donald Trump’s unsurprisingly casual use of the N-word. According to Pruitt, Trump was allegedly concerned that viewers of his reality TV show would be unaccepting of a Black winner. The producer recalls Donald casually and off-handedly saying, “Yeah… but, I mean, would America buy a n—-r winning?”

While perhaps the most sickening of Pruitt’s explosive revelations, Trump’s casual racism certainly wasn’t the only thing the ex-producer spilled the tea on.

Pruitt goes on to describe Donald’s horrifyingly demeaning comments about women, writing: “While leering at a female camera assistant or assessing the physical attributes of a female contestant for whoever is listening, he orders a female camera operator off an elevator on which she is about to film him. ‘She’s too heavy,’ I hear him say. Another female camera operator, who happens to have blond hair and blue eyes, draws from Trump comparisons to his own Ivanka Trump. ‘There’s a beautiful woman behind that camera,’ he says toward a line of 10 different operators set up in the foyer of Trump Tower one day. ‘That’s all I want to look at.'”

He goes on to touch on Donald’s long-running proclivity for not paying his bills.

Pruitt recalls speaking with an architect who did a significant amount of work for the now-disgraced former president, only to not get paid what he was owed, with Pruitt recollecting the architect saying, “It’s bittersweet. I’m very proud of this place, but I wasn’t paid what was promised. Trump pays half upfront but he’ll stiff you for the rest once the project is completed.”

“If I tried to sue, the legal bills would be more than what I was owed. He knew that. He basically said ‘Take what I’m offering,'” the architect lamented, according to Pruitt.

You can read Pruitt’s damning new piece with Slate here.

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