An “Anguished” Email Was Leaked That Showed Fox News Producer Begging The Network, “Fox Cannot Let Host Jeanine Pirro Back On The Air,” Due To Her Constant, Blatant Lies

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These days, Jeanine Pirro is one of the most notable, “famous” talking heads to come out of the Fox News Network. But, surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) enough, despite her notoriety among the American public, whether loved or hated, a new leak from inside the network is now proving that she’s far from the most beloved host behind closed doors.

In fact, there were high-key people inside the network doing everything they could to get rid of the controversial anchor.

NPR has now obtained a copy of an “anguished” email from an unidentified Fox News producer — which they have verified the authenticity of through two separate inside sources — hailing from November 2020, in which the Fox official frantically begs the Right-wing network to pull Jeanine Pirro from the air, due to her incessant false claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election and, more specifically, her claims that Dominion Voting Systems were rife with cheating that allowed “flipped” votes and allowed Joe Biden to secure his win over Donald Trump and effectively unseat him from the White House.

NPR reports:

The producer warned: Fox cannot let host Jeanine Pirro back on the air. She is pulling conspiracy theories from dark corners of the Web to justify then-President Donald Trump’s lies that the election had been stolen from him.”

The unidentified producer’s desperate warning to the network regarding Jeanine Pirro and her unhinged conspiracy theories and lies was not for naught, as the Fox News Network, along with other notable Right-wing outlets, now face down an onslaught of prodigious defamation lawsuits from Dominion Voting Systems over their baseless lies about the 2020 presidential election.

To make matters that much worse for the notorious Right-wing, MAGA-loving network, NPR reveals in their report that Dominion’s attorneys are now utilizing that very same leaked email from inside the Fox house to prove that the network acted with malice in allowing their hosts to remain on the air and continue to spew unhinged, baseless, and disproved lies about the election and Dominion’s voting systems, specifically.

In their defamation lawsuit, Dominion asserts that their company has suffered insurmountable and irreparable damage as a result of the lie spewed by Fox and other networks like them as a direct result of their conspiracy-theory-fueled lies. Dominion claims to have already had multiple contracts canceled by lawmakers who have subscribed to the 2020 Big Lie.

Read the full report from NPR here.

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