Ex-CIA Chief Explodes At Trump Over Putin Meeting: Trump ‘Exceeds The Threshold Of ‘High Crimes’

This is a major statement.

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The recent reactions to Donald Trump’s closed door meetings and press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin have been unprecedented. If anything, Trump’s trip abroad has shown American (and hopefully, Trump himself) just how much the world despises him as he was greeted by mass protests and is now being criticized heavily for not calling off the meeting with Putin after the indictments of 12 Russians connected to the 2016 election meddling.

Some of the criticism has been so strong that there are actually calls for impeachment stemming from Trump’s behavior when joined by Putin on the world stage. Former CIA chief John Brennan actually stated that Trump should be removed from the White House after seeing his disgusting performance. Brennan said:

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”

That’s a powerful statement, and it’s calling Republicans out for not doing a d*mn thing while Trump puts America at risk. When Brennan says “high crimes and misdemeanors,” he is bringing up the constitutional standard for a president to be impeached – one of the strongest reactions to Trump’s Putin debacle that we’ve seen yet.

America has hardly recovered from Trump’s disastrous participation in the NATO summit, in which he made America’s relationship with its European allies even more tense than they already were. Trump accused our allies of not spending enough on defense and even humiliated Queen Elizabeth and British Prime Minister Theresa May by trying to give her advice on Brexit. Trump topped it all off by referring to the European Union as a “foe” in trade.

In stark comparison, Trump acted like Putin’s best buddy — and people are highly disturbed by it. Brennan is right — this looks exactly like treason and Republicans need to address it.

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