Ex-WH Aide Seemed To Expose One Of Donald Trump’s Worst Secrets; The Former President “Needs To Come Clean About His Health”

There's something Trump isn't telling the world...

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There’s certainly no denying at this point that Donald Trump is officially running full steam ahead into his 2024 presidential campaign after he finally made the formal announcement in a big speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort turned post-White House home in Palm Beach, FL, hot on the heels of a rather catastrophic midterm election for the Republican Party.

More than a few senior Republicans have already begun to speak out against Trump’s decision to throw his hat into the 2024 ring, despite the fact that we all knew it was inevitably going to come sooner than later. But one particular former Trump administration official once leaked a little secret about the disgraced, scandal-ridden former guy that left the world wondering just what is going on with Donald Trump behind the scenes that he’s not being honest with the American people about.

Omarosa Manigault Newman was once a contestant on Donald Trump’s reality TV show, The Apprentice. She would go on to serve a relatively short-lived stint (only about a year) as a political aide to the now-former president.

But, just a little over a year ago, Newman dropped a rather ominous teaser about her former boss that left people scratching their heads in wonder, and even more so now that Trump has officially announced his candidacy.

Back in October of 2021, Omarosa Manigault Newman sat for an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton, during which she openly suggested that Trump was hiding some serious details about his health from the American people.

“I think going into 2024, I’m really more concerned about the fact that Donald Trump hasn’t come forward and talked about his health,” Newman said in that interview. “I don’t know if he will even be healthy enough to run in 2024. I think he needs to come clean to the American people about where he is on that before deciding to get into a very stressful and strenuous race for the White House.”

This brings us back to early 2021, when Donald Trump, who was the US president at the time, fell gravely ill with COVID-19. Despite trying to hide the severity of his infection from the public, a February 2021 report from the New York Times revealed that Trump has “infiltrates” in his lungs, and his own officials feared that he would ultimately require a ventilator.

Journalists Damian Paletta and Yasmeen Abutaleb also released a book, Nightmare Scenario, that discussed the fact that medical professionals at Walter Reed were highly concerned that the then-president was facing organ failure from the infection — a fact that was never officially revealed to the American public he was serving at the time.

Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire further revealed last year that the doctors at Walter Reed engaged in a cover-up with Trump and his people in an attempt to further hide the severity of Trump’s illness from the American people.

“What’s so stunning is from the mouth directly from White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. The president’s condition really deteriorated there in that overnight Thursday into Friday. On Friday evening, I was on the White House South Lawn when he walked out slowly, very carefully, and trying to focus on putting one foot in front of each other to get to Marine One and get airlifted to Walter Reed Medical Center. The president was supposed to be carrying a briefcase with him but didn’t have the strength to do it,” Lemire said last year in an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. 

Ultimately, it was Donald Trump’s own former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows who revealed the true gravity of the now ex-president’s COVID-19 infection in his post-White House tell-all book — something Trump was notably furious about following the book’s release.

You’ll notice that, over the years that Trump has been on the political scene, the only doctors to have ever briefed the American public on Donald Trump’s health have been doctors that were, conveniently enough, hand-picked by Trump himself. I.e. Ronny Jackson.

Newman served as an official in the Trump administration during Donald’s first year in office, only to leave the position and, like so many others, turn into a staunch critic of the then, now-former president. Despite Newman’s ominous hint coming more than a year ago, it has never been confirmed as to what exactly she was referencing in regard to Donald Trump’s health.

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