Ex-White House Counsel Revealed In Closed-Door Testimony That He Basically Had To Tell Trump Whatever He Wanted To Hear In Order To “Get Off The Phone” With Him


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In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a whole lot of testimony regarding the disgraced former President Donald Trump going on behind closed doors these days, in connection to the multiple lawsuits, litigations, and investigations going against him right now — one of which was his own former White House counsel, Don McGahn.

McGahn, of course, was able to dodge testifying before Congress for two years but met the end of that particular streak today as he delivered a closed-door testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, where he answered questions mostly pertaining to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into now ex-President Trump and his connection to Russia, though members of the committee did take time to ask McGahn about his feud with the former president after he refused to lie to Mueller on behalf of Trump as well.

Transcripts of McGahn’s testimony have since been released.

Of course, quite a bit of info came from the former White House counsel’s meeting with the House Judiciary Committee. However, there was one part, in particular, that really caught our interest.

It seems, according to the transcripts, that McGahn basically lied to then-President Trump, telling him whatever he wanted to hear just to be able to get him off the phone.

One committee member asked McGahn, citing page 85 of the Mueller report, “McGahn said he told the President that he would see what he could do…”

“I did say that, yeah. Yeah,” the former White House counsel answered.

“Did you intend to see what you could do?” the committee member questioned.

“No,” McGahn responded, as clear and simple as it gets.

When asked why he told Trump that he would “see what he could do” when he allegedly had no intention of such, McGahn answered, “I was trying to get off the phone.”

Check out the screenshot:

Of course, this revelation probably won’t make much, if any difference in the overall case. But damn, it’s funny.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House

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