An Embarrassing Report Exposed Ivanka And Jared’s Truly Bizarre Relationship, Revealed Ivanka Once Referred To Their First Date As “The Best Deal We Ever Made,” Jared Speaks About Their Marriage In Business Terms

This makes me uncomfy.

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The relationship between Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared has always been a, well, peculiar one, to say the very least. To be frank, I’ve never quite understood it. The pair always comes across as rather awkward around each other, and I have never been able to make sense of how Jared could possibly be comfortable with the borderline incestuously close relationship his wife has always maintained with her father.

I’m certainly far from the only one who has picked up on the weird vibe between J-Vanka. Hell, back when her father was still president, Ivanka’s own former handler from The Apprentice days, Noel Casler, took a pretty hard hit at the former First Daughter’s marriage, ultimately claiming in a tweet that the nuptials were “arranged” and that Jared Kushner is actually gay. Whether there’s any truth to that or not, we’ll likely never know. Though we can say that none of the Trump family has ever publicly disagreed with Casler, nor tried to hit him with an NDA violation, so it certainly makes us think there’s at least some credibility there.

But, even if Casler is full of bologna and I’m just reading too much into the couple’s weird vibe, Jared and Ivanka have actually, personally, said things that make it pretty clear that their relationship is not what we’d consider a conventional one.

When I think of my first date with someone that I really like and enjoy their company, my first thought definitely does not have anything to do with contracts or business or anything of the sort. It’s usually all of the gushy, mushy, sickening rom-com stuff, at least for the first few months. But when it comes to Jared and Ivanka’s first date, it seems like the former president’s daughter had a far more technical reaction to her then-new relationship with her boo.

A past article from Cosmopolitan revealed that, on the heels of their first date, Ivanka referred to it as “the best deal we ever made!”

“They were introduced by a real estate developer who thought of it as a good networking opportunity for them, but they ended up falling for each other instead,” the article explained.

A recently published piece from Greg Olear, Shame Cometh: The Jared Kushner Story, brought the topic up again as he took a deep dive into Ivanka’s corrupt husband.

But it’s not just Ivanka that seems to compare the marriage to a business transaction. The same Cosmo article noted that Jared apparently has a tendency to speak about his relationship with Ivanka in business terms.

“I would say she is definitely the CEO of our household, whereas I’m more on the board of directors,” Jared once told Vogue. “We both pick up slack for each other where it’s needed, but she doesn’t want to outsource mothering, so she’s very involved.”

At the end of the day, what these two do in the privacy of their own home isn’t my business. Whatever floats their boat. But man, does it make me cringe.

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