Explosive New Book From Former Inside Prosecutor Promises To Expose The Reason Behind Manhattan DA’s Failure To Indict Donald Trump — But Certain People Don’t Want You To Read It

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A bombshell new forthcoming book is set to expose the reason behind the Manhattan District Attorney’s infamous and infuriating reluctance and ultimate ongoing failure to indict former President Donald J. Trump on a multitude of his crimes — but lo and behold, there are a select few individuals out there who really don’t want you to read what this book is set to reveal.

According to explosive new reporting from The Daily Beast, which obtained the document in question here, a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) could be what’s holding up this entire dog and pony show within the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. This NDA could serve to directly jeopardize the publication of the forthcoming tell-all book, People vs. Donald Trump: An Inside Account, penned by none other than former special assistant DA Mark Pomerantz — the very same Mark Pomerantz who served as one of two prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office’s investigation into the former president who quit their positions in protest following the incoming leadership of District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who distinctively shied away from a Trump indictment after replacing Cyrus Vance.

Publisher of the upcoming book, Simon & Schuster, hype up the upcoming book, saying, “That indictment never happened. This book explains why.”

People vs. Donald Trump: An Inside Account is set to release on February 7th and promises readers a never-before-seen, inside glimpse into the 3-year and running investigation spearheaded by Manhattan district attorneys into scandal-ridden ex-President Donald J. Trump and his alleged schemes to defraud banks, insurance companies, and tax officials through a long-running series of blatant lies about the value of his real estate properties on multiple financial forms. The investigation also pins Trump’s alleged attempts to skirt cooperate taxes and even digs its teeth into the campaign laws Trump violated in paying a large lump sum of hush money to his old affair partner, former adult film star Stormy Daniels — the very same scandal that bought Trump’s old personal attorney and self-described “fixer” Michael Cohen a few years of his life behind bars.

Despite his apparent unpopularity among his former employees and, frankly, the American public, Bragg has garnered some successes since he took over at Manhattan DA, including two recent tax fraud convictions against Trump companies and longtime Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer and close family friend Allen Weisselberg. But it seems Bragg just never hits the mark when it comes to the corrupt former president on a personal level, despite haphazard indications that his case into Trump may soon be revived.

However, interestingly enough, it seems the only thing Bragg and his office are taking aim at right now is Pomerantz’s book, desperately attempting to keep the tell-all from hitting, and no doubt flying off of the shelves next month.

According to Pomerantz’s December 2020 employment contract with the DA’s office, any revelations of information that was obtained by the former prosecutor from grand jury subpoenas could be “punishable as a felony.” One source familiar with this agreement has since spoken up and questioned if it even applied to the prosecutor-turned-author, once Pomerantz was sworn in as a full district attorney in February 2021.

Nevertheless, Bragg’s office has vehemently indicated that the publication of Pomerantz’s book would pose a “meaningful threat” to “an ongoing criminal investigation,” despite the fact that there really doesn’t seem to be anything meaningful coming out of Bragg’s office with regard to the former president.

As a result, Simon & Schuster has issued a public statement fervently defending Pomerantz and his book and vowing to publish the bombshell tell-all on schedule.

Multiple sources familiar with the situation have since spoken with The Daily Beast and confirmed their doubt that Pomerantz, a highly experienced and professional prosecutor, would actually intentionally reveal any detail that would, in any way, jeopardize any potential ongoing legal cases, or violate professional ethics rules in any manner. Some former Manhattan and Brooklyn prosecutors additionally weighed in and expressed their confusion as to why the DA’s office would ever force Pomerantz to sign and adhere to a nondisclosure agreement in the first place.

In the end, though, the whole ordeal could end up pitting Alvin Bragg and Donald Trump against each other, in the most bizarre kind of way, as New York attorney Joe Tacopina recently sounded the warning bell as he confirmed that he had been officially hired to set up a potential defamation lawsuit against Pomerantz. If that lawsuit does ultimately play out, the district attorney and his team could be legally forced to testify as witnesses in that case.

Read the full bombshell report from The Daily Beast here.

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