Explosive New Photo And Video Evidence From Infamous Trump FBI Raid Exposed In Newly Unsealed Portions Of Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant

Trump can't recover from this.

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As if Donald Trump’s life wasn’t already going as terribly as possible, explosive new evidence from the infamous search and seizure warrant FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort turned post-White House personal residence has now gone public and rocked through the nation, from coast to coast, after a federal judge opted to unseal more portions of the scandalous Mar-a-Lago search warrant this week.

It’s been almost a year since the whole country was rattled by the scandalous FBI search and seizure warrant that went down at disgraced former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate, following Trump’s concerted decision to steal countless top-secret, highly-classified government documents from the White House in the final days of his tumultuous presidency, and his subsequent decision to engage in a months-long battle of lies, deceit, and corruption with the US federal government as the National Archives and others repeatedly attempted to recover the classified materials. It was the very same search warrant that served as the first domino in a running effect that would result in Donald Trump’s recent federal indictment and arrest on 37 federal criminal charges related to obstruction of justice and repeated violations of the Espionage Act, by Garland-appointed DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Yesterday, the matter became even more explosive still when Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ruled to unseal additional portions of the Mar-a-Lago search warrant that were previously redacted and not yet available to the American public. Among those newly unsealed portions of the search warrant was bombshell, never-before-seen, and downright damning photographic and video evidence against Donald J. Trump.

The newly unredacted portions of the search warrant contain troves of various damning evidence against the already-disgraced former president. Among that evidence was a never-before-seen photo of a staggering 61 boxes of documents and materials seen stacked in a Mar-a-Lago storage room:

Accompanying the above photo, the search warrant reads:

The purpose of the photograph was to show FPOTUS the volume of boxes that remained in the STORAGE ROOM. The STORAGE-PHOTO, which appears below, captures approximately sixty-one of the FPOTUS BOXES located in the STORAGE ROOM.”

But the photo itself wasn’t the only damning revelation contained in the newly unsealed document. Further into the warrant, you will find multiple detailed descriptions of surveillance footage that captured Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta physically moving those boxes out of the resort’s storage room:

By reviewing the camera footage provided by the Trump Organization in response to the subpoena, the FBI has determined the following: On May 24, 2022, WITNESS 5 is observed exiting the ANTEROOM doorway with three boxes.

On May 30, 2022, four days after WITNESS 5’s interview with the FBI during which the location of boxes was a significant subject of questioning, WITNESS 5 is observed exiting the ANTEROOM doorway with approximately fifty Bankers boxes, consistent with the description of the FPOTUS BOXES. FBI did not observe this quantity of boxes being returned to the STORAGE ROOM through the ANTEROOM entrance in its review of the footage.

The next day, on June 1, 2022, WITNESS 5 is observed carrying eleven brown cardboard boxes out the ANTEROOM entrance. One box did not have a lid on it and appeared to contain papers.

The day after that, on June 2, 2022, WITNESS 5 is observed moving twenty-five to thirty boxes, some of which were brown cardboard boxes and others of which were Bankers boxes consistent with the description of the FPOTUS BOXES, into the entrance of the ANTEROOM.

Approximately three and a half hours later, WITNESS 5 is observed escorting FPOTUS COUNSEL 1 in through the entrance of the ANTEROOM, and FPOTUS COUNSEL 1 is not observed leaving until approximately two and a half hours later.

On June 3, 2022, FPOTUS COUNSEL 1 is escorted through the ANTEROOM entrance by an unidentified individual wearing a jacket with “USSS POLICE” printed on the back. The unidentified individual and FPOTUS COUNSEL 1 exit the ANTEROOM entrance moments later. FPOTUS COUNSEL 1 appeared to be carrying a Redweld envelope after exiting the ANTEROOM.”

The New York Times released additional reporting on the bombshell development, noting several other explosive revelations contained in the newly-public Mar-a-Lago search warrant, including several that seem to involve and/or implicate Trump attorney Evan Corcoran.

See the full search warrant here.

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