Famous Chef Invites Melania To Cook In Soup Kitchens To “Be Best,” Internet Responds: “She Is No Michelle Obama”

Then slap the video on Pay-per-view to pay for her husband's next golf outing.

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Third Lady Melania Trump received backlash amid the looming potential pandemic after she tweeted a photo of her new project — one we can’t imagine her husband enjoying upon completion. Americans are in panic-mode over the deadly coronavirus, and Melania wants you to know about the construction of a Tennis Pavilion at the White House.

Really, we literally don’t give a fuck, Mel. More than half of all states have reported COVID-19 cases, and her husband is golfing right now while her project is a gosh damned tennis court. Then, Melanie’s fee-fees were hurt over the swift response, and again, we have no fucks to give.

A famous chef responded to the Be Best-y first lady on Twitter, calling on Melanie to cook for the needy in soup kitchens. Personally, I can’t see Mel doing that in her spiked heels, but it would be appreciated if she did, if not for the photo-op alone, at least she could bring attention to a good cause while she’s sweating in the kitchen as she tries to fill each plate for the downtrodden.

José Andrés, a successful and beloved chef who has done a lot of good for those in need by providing meals in the wake of natural disasters, took to Twitter during Melania’s pity-party to present her with a challenge.

The Internet weighed in.

Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have been pictured numerous times with their sleeves rolled up, serving the poor. This is the vacuous First Lady’s chance to prove that she can Be Best like the Obamas, too, even if it doesn’t come from her cold, dead, birther heart.

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