Trump Tweet About Obama’s Chiefs Of Staff Comes Back To Bite Him After He Hires His Fourth One

Yet another embarrassing tweet comes back to haunt Trump.

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President Donald Trump unexpectedly ousted Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney on Friday night and promptly announced Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) as his replacement, resulting in yet another old tweet coming back to him on the ass.

Mulvaney had held the position since January 2019 concurrently with his position as the Director of Management and Budget. But Trump removed him from the role this week and sent him packing to Ireland as a special envoy, naming Meadows as the new chief of staff.

Meadows is a staunch Trump supporter who repeatedly tried to smear impeachment investigations in the House, so it’s clear why Trump would choose him to fill the position.

But Meadows is Trump’s fourth chief of staff in a little over three years. Of course, that means there is a tweet in which Trump attacks former President Barack Obama for his own chiefs of staff.

As it turns out, there is:

There really is a tweet for everything, and this one is no different. Trump criticized Obama for having three chiefs of staff in just three years. The fact is that it’s a difficult and stressful job so it should be understandable why presidents end up having more than one over the years. It should also be pointed out that Obama had five chiefs of staff over his eight years in office. Trump is on pace to shatter that number if he gets re-elected. In his own words, Trump apparently can’t get anything done because he has so many chiefs of staff.

Had Trump not criticized Obama, this switch wouldn’t be as newsworthy. But he did criticize Obama, and now the hypocrisy of that attack is complete and worthy of mockery.

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