“Faucet! Dishwasher! Water! Bad!”: Trump’s Weird Obsession With Large Household Appliances Got Out Of Hand During Town Hall

This is getting really weird.

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Trump’s long-running and increasingly bizarre obsession with large household appliances got out of hand during his Fox News Town Hall last night, as he went completely off the rails in an unhinged rant about water pressure and dishwashers.

Trump’s apparent obsession here is born of his hatred for newer, energy-saving fixtures and appliances that are meant to conserve water and energy but, according to Trump, only give you low water pressure that makes it difficult to shower properly.

“They come out with faucets where no water comes out,” the former president fumed in last night’s Fox Town Hall with host Laura Ingraham. “You know, if you go and buy a home, and they know what I mean, the showers, you stand under a shower and there’s no water coming, and you end up standing there five times longer … so in Ohio, you have this great company that came to me, a dishwasher company, one of the biggest and finest companies, but they were going out of business. They said, we’re not allowed to use water.”

Suffice it to say, social media users had a lot of thoughts on the matter of Trump choosing to peg water pressure and household appliances as an actual policy issue in his campaign:

What a bizarre hill to die on…

You can watch the unhinged clip fromΒ Vox’s Aaron Rupar here:

Featured image via Flickr/Michael Vadon,Β under Creative Commons license 2.0

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