The Trump Camp Broke Its Silence On What They Say Really Happened To Cause Mystery Marks On Ex-President’s Hand

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Social media has been ablaze with a variety of theories and speculations about what in the hell happened to Donald Trump’s hand after he was seen in videos and photos waving at his supporters while departing Trump Tower with what appeared to be open sores or cuts of some kind on his index finger, thumb, and the palm of his hand. The amateur guesses across the World Wide Web have ranged from ketchup to classified document ink to a herpes outbreak, with the most popular theory being secondary syphilis, which causes breakouts on your hands and feet.

Of course, none of these theories can even come close to actually being confirmed, but they make for some internet fun, all the same.

The whole ordeal has gained so much popularity over the last few days, that even a certified dermatologist and associate professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City weighed in on the topic with a few educated theories of his own, as to how Trump’s hands ended up looking like they did.

However, I suppose we can put the whole thing to bed now — if you so choose to believe Donald Trump at his word, anyway — as the Trump Camp has come forward with a response and an explanation about the mystery marks on the former president’s hands, that somehow seemed to disappear later the same day.

According to reporting from TMZ, who spoke with representatives for the ex-president, Trump Camp is claiming that the mystery red marks were nothing more than simple papercuts that bled a bit, which then smeared on Donald’s fingers and palm.

TMZ reports:

Anyway, we talked to some folks and sources tied to the Trump campaign are telling us a different story than what people think they saw in the OG pic. We’re told the only thing that was afflicting Trump that day was a simple paper cut, and he accidentally spread the blood around his hand. Yep, that’s what the Trump camp is saying here … just a little nick.

While that might sound hard to believe, it might actually be the truth — again, DT came out with his hand seemingly cleared up and free of any abrasions … so maybe it was just blood.”

Honestly, who knows what it actually was? Lord knows we can’t exactly trust Trump and his people to tell the truth. But nevertheless, it may settle the internet frenzy, at least for a while.

Featured image via Flickr/Trump White House Archives

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