Female Republican Reportedly Accused Matt Gaetz Of Running A “Harry Potter” Themed Sex Game In Which Players Earned “Points” For Sleeping With Virgins

He's not going to get out of this one.

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-MAGA) told The Hill on Friday that he has no plans to resign amid the flurry of scandals the Florida Republican has found himself facing.  The Department of Justice is investigating Gaetz over an alleged inappropriate relationship with a minor and a possible violation of sex trafficking laws. The PizzaGaetz scandal keeps growing, with the Republican Rep. being accused of being involved with and possibly paying the 17-year-old girl to travel with him — making that a sex trafficking violation.

Gaetz is also accused of sharing nude photos of women he had sexual relations with to his colleagues. The Florida Republican was also reportedly involved in a fake ID scandal. And today, it gets even worse, according to a report from Business Insider.

Sleeping with married legislators was one example of how Gaetz and other Florida lawmakers could earn “extra points” in a sex competition which the MAGA Congressman is accused of participating in when he served in the state’s House of Representatives, a female Republican insider who worked with Gaetz in the 2010s told the outlet. So, apparently, people have known how sleazy Gaetz is for a while now, and that would explain why he has very few defenders on his side of the aisle.


“The sex competition even involved the “Harry Potter” book series, the GOP source told Insider,” the report states. “Anyone who had sex with a certain conservative woman “won the whole game regardless of points,” she said. That woman was known as the “snitch,” a nod to the Harry Potter game of Quidditch. The GOP source said she “heard specific references of Gaetz being involved and scoring points.” She declined to name the woman to protect her privacy.”

“Her accusations about Gaetz’s participation in this sex competition builds upon others. Chris Latvala, a Republican state representative who overlapped with Gaetz in the Florida House, accused Gaetz in a 2020 tweet of creating a “game where members of the FL House got ‘points’ for sleeping with aides, interns, lobbyists, and married legislators,” the report continues. “Another way to obtain points was to have sex with “virgins,” ABC reported this week.”

“The existence of the “game” among male lawmakers was the “worst kept secret in Tallahassee,” the GOP insider said,” the outlet reports. “Lawmakers who participated publicly boasted about it, even among their female colleagues; some male legislators who didn’t participate jokingly lamented the fact that they abstained.”

It comes as no surprise that Gaetz, a close ally of the pussy-grabbing former president, treats women like a play-thing. You can bet that women who were involved with the MAGA Congressman are pissed the hell off after learning that he shared nude photos of them with his colleagues. And that sex-trafficking investigation should be interesting. Gaetz was the sole no vote against an anti-human trafficking bill in 2017.

You can read the full report here.

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