Fiery New Ad Campaign Features Republican Voters Who Have Turned Their Backs On Trump: “I’d Vote For A Tuna Fish Sandwich Before I’d Vote For Donald Trump Again”

This is BRUTAL!

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A new ad campaign featuring a slew of Republican voters is making waves all over social media right now. However, this one is certainly not in support of the current president or his reelection.

In fact, this incendiary new ad is the exact opposite.

The brutal spot, called Republican Voters Against Trump, features testimony from multiple GOP voters, all of whom are explaining why they refuse to vote for Donald Trump in the impending election, and why several of them intend to cast their vote for his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, despite their wide differences in policies.

Perhaps the best testimony from a GOP voter to be featured in the blistering ad came from Jack Spielman, who said, “I’d vote for a tuna fish sandwich before I’d vote for Donald Trump again.”

Spielman voted for Trump back in 2016 but now says that he is “toxic”:

The group that put together the explosive ad is a project of Defending Democracy Together, an anti-Trump conservative group, and they say that so far they have upwards of 100 testimonies from Republican voters that echo that of Spielman’s, with many, many more to come.

The group says that they plan to spend a staggering $10 million to push their ad as far and wide as possible — sweeping across social media and television — and they even have their ad set to air on Fox News next week.

A spokesperson for the Republican Voters Against Trump group, Sarah Longwell, said in a statement, “There are millions of voters who used to be reliable Republicans but are disgusted by the Trump administration. Some are upset about the skyrocketing debt. Others about how he has debased the office. Some wish he would pursue a more humane immigration policy.”

But according to Longwell, the one thing that keeps them all on a united front is “wanting the country to move on from this deeply un-American presidency.”

You can check out the group’s website to see more videos of anti-Trump conservatives and former MAGA voters. Their site also features a form for other Republican voters to tell their own stories.

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