FL Republicans Reportedly Considering Disgusting Bill That Would Force Teachers To Wear Microphones So Parents Can Monitor Their Lessons

This is BEYOND too far.

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It’s not uncommon for some pretty unhinged nonsense to come out of the state of Florida. Hell, every crazy article you read these days seems to start with the headline “Florida Man…” But this most recent development is absolutely insane, even for Ron DeSantis’ “kingdom.”

According to a new report from CBS News, Republican lawmakers in Florida are currently considering the passage of a new bill that would require teachers in the state to wear microphones during their classes and lessons that would allow parents to monitor, in real-time, what’s being taught to their children.

The report notes that the heinous new bill being proposed hails from Florida State Rep. Bob Rommel, who asserts that teachers in the state can be constantly monitored without any infringement on their privacy and rights.

“I think if we can do it in a safe way to protect the privacy of students and teachers, I think we should do it,” Rommel stated. “I haven’t heard a response good or bad from any teachers, but… it’s not their private space. It’s our children’s space, too.”

However, Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco spoke with CBS and expressed her (legitimate) concern that such a bill allowing parents to constantly monitor and criticize lessons would heavily discourage people from entering an already floundering field with long hours and sickeningly low pay.

“You want to play Big Brother every moment?” she questioned. “That’s not how society should be. We need to get back to where we have trust, we have value, we have faith and we have conversations and we can work things out if something happens.”

It’s widely known that teaching is a thankless job as it stands, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only served to make that so much worse. And now Florida seems to think teachers shouldn’t be allowed their own basic privacy and respect. But tell me again how a vaccine mandate is an infringement on rights???

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