FL’s Ron DeSantis Caught In Photo Wearing Nice, Clean Outfit, Sweater Vest, And Spotless White Boots In The Aftermath Efforts Of Hurricane Ian And No One Is Impressed

Why am I not even surprised?

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As we are all heart-breakingly aware, Hurricane Ian ripped through the southeastern US late last week and left a path of destruction, ruin, chaos, and death in its wake.

Reuters reported late last night with an update on the aftermath of the hurricane:

Fort Meyers, FL, Oct 3 (Reuters) – Search-and-rescue teams in Florida doubled back to examine tens of thousands of Gulf Coast homes and businesses on Monday after an initial sweep through areas ravaged by Hurricane Ian, as the death toll from one of America’s fiercest storms on record topped 100.

Emergency crews have made cursory inspections of about 45,000 properties since Ian blasted ashore last Wednesday, flooding seaside communities with high surf that washed away numerous buildings, Kevin Guthrie, director of Florida’s emergency management, said during a morning briefing.

Guthrie spoke with the publication and said, “We’ve been to about every address,” as he noted that crews have begun conducting more thorough searches through the rubble and destruction. “We believe that we have searched everything very quickly. Now we are going back for a second look.”

“I am not saying we are not going to find anybody else. We may find other people.”

As it stands, at least 103 deaths related to Hurricane Ian have been confirmed since the catastrophic Category 4 storm made landfall, bringing with it maximum-sustained winds of 150 miles per hour.

However, from the looks of Florida’s Republican, Trump-wannabe governor Ron DeSantis, he’s certainly not personally getting involved in any of those efforts.

DeSantis was spotted out and about in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane and was even pressed by a CNN correspondent for some answers on the state’s evacuation orders:

But when you head over to social media, you’ll notice that the majority of people couldn’t help but take notice of Ron’s spotless, clean outfit, sweater vest with his name emblazoned across it, and his absolutely pristine white rubber boots:

As noted by Ron Filipkowski, a former federal prosecutor who once worked under DeSantis who’s now a popular anti-GOP Twitter user, there’s not a speck of mud to be seen on Florida’s Republican governor.

To say the very least, no one was impressed by Ron DeSantis, other than perhaps by his ability to stay so pristine in the midst of all the hurricane rubble:

Maybe try doing something actually useful for once in your life, Ron.

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