Former Aide Believes Mike Pence Wants To Testify In Jan. 6th Investigation, But Feels Subpoena Will Be Required As Ex-VP May Fear Backlash From His Voluntary Cooperation

This is honestly pretty pathetic.

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Recently we reported that the Chair of the January 6th House Select Committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson, had officially announced his plan to request a voluntary appearance before the panel from Donald Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence to deliver his testimony regarding the events and the ex-president’s behavior surrounding the infamous Capitol attack. At the time, Thompson seemed pretty confident that Pence would show up and deliver his testimony before the committee on a voluntary basis. However, one former Pence aide said it may not be that simple — but not because the former VP doesn’t want to cooperate. Rather, Pence may be fearful of the backlash he’ll find himself under if the MAGA base and Trump’s people were to feel that he was personally trying to help the House Committee in their investigation.

Recently, Mike Pence’s former press secretary Alyssa Farah Griffin appeared on CNN, where the host questioned how she thought her former boss would respond to the House Committee’s new request.

“Knowing him and having worked with him for several years, I anticipate that he’ll cooperate with the committee in some capacity,” Griffin answered, being sure to note that she hasn’t personally spoken with Pence about the matter of the Committee’s request. “However, this is an important distinction — this is a voluntary request. His former chief of staff, Marc Short, agreed to cooperate with the committee when he was subpoenaed.”

Farah, who also spent some time employed as the White House director of strategic communications during the Trump administration, confirmed during the segment that she has already been interviewed by the House Select Committee and offered her cooperation and testimony before the panel if necessary.

“If there’s something you should know about Pence world, it’s that they are by-the-book kind of institutionalists by nature,” Griffin stated of her former boss. “So I think that if he were to receive a subpoena, he would absolutely comply. He believes in the oversight role that Congress has on the executive branch. I’m a little more skeptical that he would (cooperate) in a volunteer capacity.”

She went on to note that it’s “very clear” where the Republican party and their base of supporters stand when it comes to the infamous Capitol siege.

“Were he to go in in a voluntary capacity, I think it could be perceived as he was trying to help the committee” she explained. “I think he wants to do what he’s obligated to under the Constitution, contribute to the oversight role, but I think they’re more likely to get information from him with a subpoena.”

Watch Farah Griffin’s CNN appearance here:

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