Former Ambassador To Russia Insults Trump, Begs Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi To Do His Job For Him

Trump won't like this at all.

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Donald Trump is being insulted left and right by pretty much everyone. It seems that as word of the government shutdown has spread and his investigations are coming to a head, Trump’s terrible reputation has reached some sort of critical mass and people are begging for someone to save America from this insanity.

Former Ambassador Michael McFaul recently asked Congress to “step up” and do something about Trump’s horrific foreign policy, as the president has shunned all advice from his advisors and is flying by the seat of his pants. To make matters even worse for Trump, McFaul actually called on Democratic Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi to reel Trump in and do his job for him after the results of the midterm election go into effect in the new year. In a tweet that was widely supported, McFaul said:

The U.S. Congress must play an increasingly robust, vocal, and public role in U.S. national security starting in January. Congress has more constitutional powers to constrain presidential power than they have traditionally used. Time to step up. Maybe speaker Pelosi should establish her own national security council, a group of bipartisan foreign policy advisors that would report directly to House leadership on matters of American grand strategy (& not do staff work at the committee level).”

Professor Laurence Tribe, one of the top constitutional scholars in America, expressed his support for McFaul’s call to action, as did many others. He said:

I second the motion. A super idea, for all kinds of reasons…”

Trump cannot be trusted — and when Democrats take the House in January, it is time to get this country back on track.

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591 points