Donald Trump’s Legacy May Live On After All, As Two House Reps Push To Name Miami Prison After The Scandal-Ridden Ex-President

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If there’s anything that Donald J. Trump is truly desperate for in this earthly life of his, it’s notoriety. The man wants to go down in history. He wants to be important. He wants his name to be plastered all over important buildings, carrying on his memory and legacy, long after he’s gone — and if two Democratic House Reps have anything to say about it, his wish will be granted after all. Just… Not in the way Donald had hoped for.

Virginia’s Democratic House Rep. Gerry Connolly along with his Florida counterpart Rep. Jared Moskowitz have paired up to make all of Donnie’s dreams and wishes come true, as they introduce legislation to finally name a real, bona fide government building after the 45th President of the United States: a Florida federal prison.

Recently, Connolly and Moskowitz introduced proposed legislation to rename Federal Correctional Institution, Miami — funnily enough, the very same federal prison where Trump’s former advisor Peter Navarro is currently incarcerated — as the Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institution, according to bombshell new reporting from CBS News’ congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane.

The move appears to be a tongue-in-cheek response to the recent Republican-led proposal to rename Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport after Donald Trump.

Connolly was one of the first to publicly criticize the push to rename the airport after Trump, who’s currently facing multiple, unprecedented felony charges, telling POLITICO, “If Republicans want to name something after him, I’d suggest they find a federal prison.”

And that’s precisely what Connolly did.

MacFarlane reports that the legislation says, “Any reference in any law, regulation, map, document, paper, or other record of the United States to the institution referred to in subsection (a) shall be considered to be a reference to the ‘‘Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institution.”

Florida, of course, just so happens to be the state where DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith has charged Donald Trump with multiple counts connected to stealing and holding classified government documents.

The news of the prison renaming push got a lot of attention across social media, Kellyanne Conway’s ex-husband George even weighing in, saying in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), “FCI-Trump would become the crown jewel of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons system. Many people are saying this. I urge all of you to call and write your respective Representatives and Senators to urge them to enact this important and historic legislation.”

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