Former FBI Agent Said Trump Has A Sinister Plot Behind His Calls To Vote Twice: “When They Get Arrested, He’ll Claim That Trump Voters Are Being Targeted”


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While visiting North Carolina recently, Donald Trump appeared to reach the depths of his depravity (or, at least, the depths thus far) when he seemed to call on his supporters to commit voter fraud by voting twice in the upcoming election — once by mail and once in person.

By his logic, this was a way to test the system of mail-in voting that he’s spent so much time and effort disparaging over the last several weeks as a pretty massive loss to Joe Biden looms over his head in just 60 days.

Trump claimed that if the system works correctly, people wouldn’t be able to vote a second time. If it doesn’t, as he suspects, then voters will get two votes, undoubtedly, he hopes, in favor of him.

All of which is a big, fat felony fraud charge no matter which way you slice it.

North Carolina’s secretary of state quickly released a statement informing voters in her state of the legal ramifications of following Trump’s apparent suggestion and Donald’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has already been jumping front and center on Fox News to tell the world that once again, Donald Trump didn’t actually mean what he said.

However, one former FBI agent is letting the world know that she seems far more sinister roots behind Trump’s recent suggestion than what we even see on the surface.

Taking to her Twitter account, former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa explained her theory on the motives behind Trump’s illegal suggestion — and it goes far and beyond just getting the facts wrong.

“My theory,” she wrote in a tweet, “Trump knows he’s going to lose in a fair fight. So he tells his supporters to vote twice, knowing some of them are dumb enough to try. When they get arrested, he’ll claim that Trump voters are being targeted, deep state, rigged, etc. but Ds are getting away with ‘fraud.'”

Joyce White Vance, a former federal prosecutor, voiced her agreeance on the subject, adding that she sees no version of this where Trump plays fair in the upcoming election.

“Please identify trusted voices you can listen to to help identify and understand suppression and election fraud,” she wrote on Twitter. “Elections are run at the state and local level. We can have fair ones if we remain well informed and vigilant.”

Folks, we cannot afford to not heed these warnings. Our lives depend on the outcome of this election.

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Featured image via Airman 1st Class Juan Torres

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