Former FBI Agent Says Agency Has Classified Info That Would Be “Damaging” To Trump

FBI, if you're listening...

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Peter Strzok, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent, has been a target of Donald Trump’s and Republicans after his personal messages to Lisa Page were revealed. Like most people, they aren’t fond of this president, and apparently, that’s not allowed. And Strzok co-wrote the first draft of the letter that then-FBI Director James Comey sent to Congress in October 2016, announcing that the bureau was reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. So, he kind of helped Trump get elected.

At any rate, Strzok told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the agency has “damaging” information on Trump,  but since it’s still classified, he can’t reveal it.

“Absolutely, there are things that are not known that would still be damaging,” Strzok said. “The decision to release that is up to the administration. You’ve seen them declassify material, which unsurprisingly tends to all be helpful to President Trump. There’s a lot of material that simply is classified and that I can’t talk about, but it’s there.”

“The American public has a right to know it, but that is a decision for the administration to do. I can’t go declassifying information,” Strzok continued. “I’m going to honor my oath to both the office that I held, as well as the security clearance that I held. That information, the American public deserves it, and the administration, frankly, deserves to have that known, as well.”

Strzok did, however, say that Trump wasn’t truthful in 2016 when he denied having financial interests in Russia.

“If you look at the scope of his business relationship to Russia, going back decades,” he said. “If you look at the statement by one of his sons about the disproportionate amount of Russian holdings that represented the Trump financial assets, all of these things speak to an ability of Russian interests, of illicit interests, to hold him under their sway and get him to do things that, frankly, we can’t explain.”


He went on to say that he believes Russia holds some sort of “leverage” over the president, and oh boy, we’ve noticed that, too. For a man who claims to be hard on Russia, Trump has certainly been easy on Vladimir Putin.

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