Former FBI Assistant Director Gives His Thoughts On Why Trump Was Finally Raided And It Makes Perfect Sense: “The Time To Negotiate Is Long Gone”

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The bombshell news broke this evening that ex-President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club/place of residence in Palm Beach, Florida, was just raided by officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as they executed a federal search warrant against the property.

As it stands, it is unclear as to what the FBI was searching for during the raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach resort. However, multiple recent reports have indicated that the Justice Department’s investigation into the corrupt former president and his attempts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election has gained an enormous amount of steam as of late.

However, the speculations and highly educated theories are already swirling.

Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi, who now serves as a legal expert for MSNBC, made an appearance on the network this evening to explain the process behind what the Miami Field Office had to do to actually obtain and execute today’s search warrant against the ex-president’s resort/home and why, in his opinion, it’s finally happening now, after all this time.

“High degree of certainty that it is related to the national archives documents,” Figliuzzi said. “So, Jason, yeah, not only did I spend 25 years in the FBI but I spent a significant portion of it in the Miami field office which is responsible, of course, for West Palm Beach and the Mar-a-Lago location. So, look, not a lot of time right now for internal intersection going on in the Miami field office and/or any other agents from other field offices that came in but rather let’s do this job right. They clearly understand the public scrutiny that will be involved. The gravity of the situation and, of course, what’s coming next, which will be endless rhetoric from Donald Trump about how horrible the FBI is and how this is a targeted fishing expedition. What we don’t know, of course, is really what the substance of this is.”

The former top FBI official made sure to note that it remains unclear as to whether the raid was in relation to January 6th in any way. However, both the New York Times and CNN have reported that sources say the raid was highly focused on National Archives documents. Figiluzzi agreed with this assessment with as much certainty as he could, given the circumstances.

“If you want, if you haven’t done this already, to just walk through the process of a federal agent obtaining a search warrant,” the former Assistant Director of the FBI explained. “If you want to just go through that and what it means and what it doesn’t mean so it simply means that the agents decided and, of course, at this level when you’re talking about a former president, this will be cleared at the highest level of the FBI, U.S. Department of Justice and likely crossed the desk of the attorney general of the United States and you have to go to a United States magistrate with a prosecutor and assistant U.S. Attorney and say, ‘we have evidence, probable cause, that a federal crime has been violated, and, number two, that evidence of that crime is located in the location we wish to search.’ That’s the big one, right?”

At that point, the magistrate or judge would look at it and determine how to proceed.

“Imagine the federal judge or magistrate that may have gotten out of bed this morning,” Figliuzzi said. “I’ve done that before, right, and he’s reading through a lengthy affidavit, and he’s got to like have his coffee or her coffee and go through it and say holy cow, that’s Mar-a-Lago.”

He went on to touch on the absolute irony of Trump attempting to trash his 2016 Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton’s treatment of classified emails when, according to numerous sources, Trump himself would parade explicitly top-secret and classified documents between the White House and his Mar-a-Lago resort.

“I understand he’s out of town, maybe he will have his aides try to do something. But rest assured, they will keep the site secure and free from anyone tampering with what they are doing,” he explained. “No one will be allowed to destroy any evidence. That won’t happen.”

“I have a medium to high degree of certainty that this at least is focused in part on national archives case,” Frank confirmed. “The time to negotiate and turn everything over is long gone, and now we’ve reached the point where agents are convincing a judge that they have evidence of a crime.”

Watch the MSNBC segment here:

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