Former Federal Prosecutor Believes Donald Trump Will Rat On Everyone Around Him Once Indicted To “Reduce His Prison Term By One Day”

No one will be safe.

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Scandal-ridden former President Trump is facing down serious legal trouble from every conceivable direction at this point — ranging from the lawsuits and investigations raging against him in New York, to the grand jury probe in Georgia, to the Justice Department’s near countless investigations being spearheaded by Garland-appointed special counsel Jack Smith into everything from Trump’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 election to his stolen classified government document scandal.

To be frank, it doesn’t exactly take a genius to determine that one of these things is going to get him in the end. It’s no longer really a matter of “if” at this point, but rather a matter of “when.”

But when it comes to Donald Trump’s innermost circle, it seems there is likely far more to it than simply just whether or not their “Dear Leader” will end up with criminal charges and probably jail time lodged against him — it’s a matter of who he will ultimately take down with him when he goes, in an effort to save himself.

Former federal prosecutor and current MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner made an appearance on Dean Obeidallah’s Sirius XM radio show, The Dean Obeidallah Show, where he not only said that the former president will be indicted in the end but also added that he fully expects Donald Trump to throw “every single person under the bus” if it helps him reduce his prison time by even a day.

On a recent episode of the radio talk show, Obeidallah and Kirschner discussed the recent bombshell developments surrounding Trump attorney Evan Corcoran and possible obstruction of justice charges against the lawyer in relation to the Mar-a-Lago classified document investigation.

Kirschner, who has long asserted that Trump’s legal demise is just around the corner, once again theorized that the former president will be criminally indicted on his crimes in the end, and went a step further this time when he predicted that no one is safe from the former guy ratting them out, even Trump’s own family members if it means Donald can save himself a few days behind bars.

Mediaite reports on a transcript from the recent episode:

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: Evan Corcoran. You, he worked with you in the DOJ in the U.S. Attorney’s office. So he’s working with Trump. That’s fine. These people, you get your right to a lawyer. I have no problem with that. He drops a certification that he clearly has qualms about because he won’t sign it. And they bring in Christina Bobb, former OAN anchor and Trumpophant, to say literally, they bring her in to sign it. And she even has some qualms when she writes a little note. What is Evan Corcoran thinking? I mean, honestly, as a lawyer, I’d be like, Hey, you’re putting me. Is it that important to work for Donald Trump that Evan Corcoran is on the verge? He had a lawyer up. He’s literally lawyered up now and his career is in jeopardy. His license is in jeopardy. His liberty could be in jeopardy. Was it worth it to draft that thing up? Because clearly he knew it wasn’t accurate. I have to be honest. He knew that. That’s why he wouldn’t sign it.

GLENN KIRSCHNER: He, you know, I can’t say what Evan Corcoran was thinking, but Donald Trump basically burns everyone who comes within arm’s reach of him. That’s true of his Cabinet officials when he was president. It’s true of his lawyers who end up being disbarred and potentially prosecuted. It’s hard to understand why people would compromise themselves in these ways for Donald Trump. And here’s the here’s the beauty of it. Once Donald Trump gets indicted, and he will be indicted, he will throw every single person under the bus, including his own family members, if it will reduce his prison term by just one day or one hour. So hold on tight, because that’s comin’.”

While we can’t say with any certainty whether or not Donald Trump will face real indictments and prison time in the end, I can say with complete confidence that I don’t believe anyone is safe from him turning on them if it means saving himself even a moment of trouble and heartache.

Watch the clip of the Sirius XM show here:

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