Former Federal Prosecutor Warns; If Special Counsel Can Find This “Last Bit Of Evidence,” It’s “Game Over” For Corrupt Donald Trump

It's only a matter of time now.

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Donald Trump’s world is crashing down around him from every conceivable direction right now, as multiple entities and jurisdictions loom over his head with the very real possibility of multiple criminal indictments on the table.

Based on his social media posts alone, Donald’s biggest fear seems to lie with the widely expected Manhattan hush money indictment that appears to be coming within a matter of days now. But that is far from the only thing Donald J. Trump should be afraid of right now.

Very… Very far.

As the disgraced ex-president panics over the impending Manhattan hush money decision, DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith is closing in on Donald Trump with a case that puts the former guy in far more legal jeopardy than the Manhattan case has to offer, and it seems Smith is on the warpath for the “last bit of evidence” he needs to ensure that Donald Trump goes down for his combined plot to overthrow the 2020 US presidential election, and his role in inciting his supporters to horrifying, deadly violence during the January 6th Capitol attack.

Yesterday, former prosecutor Jim Walden joined MSNBC’s Deadline: White House for a discussion on the recent developments in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s ongoing investigations into the ex-president, and pointed to one single remaining piece of evidence that the DOJ special counsel needs to officially criminally implicate ex-President Donald Trump in the deadly January 6th attack.

“We are but humble television producers, and we are pulling all these clips from the hearings to remind ourselves, remind our viewers, what has already been said, what is on record,” MSNBC anchor Alicia Menendez said. “If you are prosecutors, you are going back through that testimony in advance of having the opportunity to, once again, sit down with some of these aides, but be able to ask them a series of questions that they can no longer deflect, what is the preparation, what is the plan that goes into sitting down with these folks?”

“So, it’s complicated, right?” Walden responded before explaining, “Because, as you were saying before, there are so many different strands to it. But really, at the end of the day, the question is simple. Did Donald Trump say to any of his aides that he knew the people were going to go in, the rioters were going to go in?”

Walden went on to note that there could be additional evidence out there that allows investigators to make this determination, adding, “Because we don’t know, for example, was anyone recording any of the conversations? People were scared. There was a lot of nervousness. Everyone knew this was turning out badly. It appeared, based on very strong circumstantial evidence, to be a conspiracy, including the president, to breach the Capitol.”

“So, what those prosecutors are really looking for is that last bit of evidence, the direct evidence that he knew, before January 6th, that if Pence didn’t stop the certification, that those rioters were going to go into the Capitol,” the former prosecutor explained. “They find that direct piece, it’s game over.”

It certainly sounds like Trump should be panicking from every direction right now.

Watch the MSNBC segment here:

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