Legal Analyst Notes Trump Seems Desperate To Keep Evidence Of His Alleged Crimes Out Of The Hands Of The Supreme Court, And Her Theory On Why Is Extremely Disturbing

Trump is desperate to keep the Supreme Court in his pocket.

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On Friday of this week, as multiple indictments from multiple entities and jurisdictions loomed heavy over his head, the scandal-ridden former President made what seemed to be an extremely bizarre and somewhat questionable decision to allow his own attorney to appear and testify before a grand jury in connection to the infamous Mar-a-Lago stolen document case. In stark contrast to Donald’s usual behavior in matters such as this, the disgraced ex-president didn’t push back against this bombshell testimony in the manner that we’ve come to expect from him over the years. Instead of raising Hell and forcing the case all the way up to the US Supreme Court through the appeal process like we’ve typically seen of him, Trump remained rather quiet and non-combative when it came to this particular testimony from one of his closest insiders.

It was a strange decision on Trump’s part that left many people wondering what inspired him to suddenly be even somewhat cooperative and apparently passive with regard to Evan Corcoran’s grand jury testimony.

One legal expert has now spoken up and said that she believes Donald Trump’s sudden lack of contention is a direct result of the ex-president’s fear of the highest court in the land laying its eyes on the trove of evidence of his alleged crimes.

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin made clear note of the fact that, in pretty much any other conceivable circumstances, ex-President Donald Trump is quite literally notorious for fighting matters such as this to the death — especially when the matter concerns any sort of perceived or literal privilege, such as the attorney-client privilege Trump enjoyed between himself and Evan Corcoran in this particular situation. That very privilege would have protected Trump and prevented Corcoran from testifying under oath to a grand jury about the disgraced ex-president’s possession of countless highly-classified, top-secret government documents. The very same documents that led to the infamous FBI search and seizure warrant raid at Donald’s Mar-a-Lago resort turned post-White House personal residence.

Rubin points out the fact that Donald Trump allowed Corcoran to dissolve that attorney-client privilege and testify before a grand jury for three hours without any pushback raises serious questions about the ex-president’s motivator to suddenly sit back and be quiet when he’s never in his life been known to do anything short of making a scene.

She believes that it all comes down to the fact that Donald Trump truly believes that he still has the US Supreme Court in his pocket and he wants to keep it that way — if they see the stacks of evidence against him in this case, he will lose that connection and it could cost him gravely in the end.

Penning an analysis for MSNBC, Rubin writes, “For one, yes, it is indeed unusual, if not unheard of, for a lawyer to be litigating against a party one day and then testifying under court-ordered examination by that same party the next one,” theorizing that the ex-president and his legal team are trying desperately to play the long game in this situation, attempting to basically “save” the predominantly Conservative, stacked SCOTUS for when Trump truly needs them the most.

“Trump has made clear he believes this Supreme Court — controlled by conservative justices, three of whom he appointed — owes him one,” Rubin writes. “My hunch is that Trump’s team let Corcoran’s testimony happen because of what’s likely involved in any request to pause, much less, review a crime-fraud-related ruling: the evidence.”

“Put another way, if Trump had petitioned the Supreme Court to stay Corcoran’s testimony and document production, the justices would have seen some, if not all, of what Judge Howell and the three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit have already reviewed: proof that Trump misled Corcoran and engaged in criminal conduct,” the legal analyst goes on to explain.

Rubin notes that Donald Trump will almost undoubtedly rely solely on the Supreme Court to overturn any criminal convictions that may ultimately be lodged against him. To be frank, Trump will need the SCOTUS most at the very end, and he truly can’t afford to prematurely waste his “favor” with the Supreme Court and lose their perceived support for him if they see the trove of evidence against him.

“And for someone whose one last hope, if he is ultimately charged or tried by any of the multiple entities now investigating him, is that same Supreme Court, letting the justices see evidence of his alleged crimes now would be a bridge too far,” Rubin says.

“Trump can’t afford to lose the Supreme Court yet.”

Read Rubin’s full analysis with MSNBC here.

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