Former “Fixer” Micheal Cohen Issued A Terrifying Warning — Trump Is Cornered And “Doesn’t Care If He Burns The Country Down”

Cohen is desperately trying to warn the nation of what's to come.

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Donald Trump, for the first time in his 76 years of life on this earth, is now facing down some very real, very serious trouble. As the investigations and lawsuits mount around him, as more and more of his crime are uncovered, the scandal-ridden, one-term, twice-impeached former president is now staring face to face with the very real prospect of damning indictments and even real prison time.

Based on his erratic, unhinged behaviors during the investigation periods alone, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Donald Trump will not react well if, or when, that time finally comes. But, one of the ex-president’s former closest confidants made an appearance on MSNBC this morning and warned, in no uncertain terms, that the former guy’s reaction to an indictment and jail time will be far worse than any of us could ever begin to imagine — and Donald Trump will take absolutely no qualms in taking this entire nation down with him in flames.

In an interview with MSNBC host Ali Velshi, Trump’s former personal attorney and self-described “fixer,” Michael Cohen, warned viewers that Donald is drowning in legal peril from every conceivable direction, and it’s painting the ex-president into a corner that will eventually send him out swinging — which could spell danger for this nation.

“What stands out to you, what’s the thing you’re most thinking about right now?” Velshi questioned the former Trump ally who has turned into one of his biggest critics in recent years after he learned firsthand that Donald Trump will literally throw anyone under the bus to serve himself.

“There are so many investigations and you wouldn’t believe — if this was a television, show you would turn around and say, it’s too stupid! I can’t watch this, it’s stupid, it can never happen,” Cohen exclaimed in response. “But it is happening in real-time in our lives.”

“Our democracy is in peril because of one man; one man who goes ahead and weaponizes the United States Department of Justice against his critics, against the country against anybody who was not one of his supporters, he is willing to go after.”

And that’s when Michael Cohen delivered one of his most terrifying warnings to date: “He doesn’t care if he burns the country down in doing it.”

Later on, in the MSNBC interview, Cohen went on to add, “Let me say this: this Donald Trump, he is not the brightest, you know, not the brightest guy you’ll ever meet — they say not the sharpest tool in the shed. What ends up happening is the last guy in Donald Trump’s ear owns the brand. And everybody who is in his circle wants to be that last guy. They want to control Donald, obviously for their own personal benefit. So what happens with Donald, someone must have, you know, put into his ear, let Michael be the fall guy. Let him be the scapegoat. Throw him under the bus, he loves you, he will do whatever is needed to protect you, as he has done over the past decade or so.”

“For me, no, no, no,” Trump’s former closest confidant explained. “It was more about making amends for what I had done but specifically for my wife, my daughter, and son, and I was not going to be the villain of Donald’s story.”

Watch the interview from MSNBC here:

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