Former FLOTUS Aide Told J6 Investigators That She Believes Melania “Knew Something Was Going To Happen” On The Day Of The Capitol Attack

There is NO excuse for this.

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As they bring their long-running, extensive investigation to a close, preparing to disband as Republican leadership moves in at the beginning of the new year following their razor-thin midterm success, the January 6th House Select Committee has released their 845-page final report, chock full of evidence against the corrupt former president and his cronies. Along with their blistering report, and multiple criminal referrals to the DOJ against Trump and his Republican jockeys, the panel of investigators has begun to release damning transcripts of sworn testimony they obtained from some of the ex-president’s closest insiders.

The transcripts alone have shaped up to be absolutely detrimental to the scandal-ridden former president. But this one may truly be the best so far.

Among the bombshell transcripts to hit the media cycle this week was testimony from none other than Stephanie Grisham — the woman who served as a close aide, and somewhat of a personal friend to now-former First Lady Melania Trump, during a portion of her husband’s White House term.

In her sworn testimony, Grisham spoke to the January 6th House Select Committee of the text message she had sent to Melania in the midst of the J6 Capitol attack, asking the then-first lady to send out a public tweet condemning the violence that was underway at the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021 — the same message that she recently released a screenshot of on her Twitter account — a request that Melania immediately refused.

“She just says no with no explanation,” Grisham said in her under-oath testimony. “You know, by that point, again, she had been starting to change and evolve over that 2 or 3 weeks. And, again, she had started to say, like, something’s not right here and let’s listen to the West Wing. And she had started to, in my opinion, drink somebody’s Kool-Aid that perhaps this election was stolen.”

“And because I knew she was up there with the carpet and I was watching violence take place at our Capitol, and she just literally said no to me with no explanation,” the former Melania aide testified. “I just — I mean, I kind of was like just f–k you.”

Grisham went on to admit that she was disappointed in the first lady over Melania’s blatant refusal to even try to influence her husband with regard to the January 6th attack.

“He really did listen to her all the time. And so, while I don’t know this for a fact, I know from experience with her something had gotten to her,” Grisham told the Committee. “And she — I feel like she knew about this protest. I feel like she knew something was going to happen. Otherwise, she would have given me an explanation.”

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