Former Insider May Have Just Revealed Why Bill Barr Was So Loyal To Ex-President, Claims Barr’s Daughter Was Involved In Corruption, Fraud Inside Trump Organization

This makes SO much sense.

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Donald Trump is notorious for managing to weasel an insane amount of loyalty out of his “people.” I mean, South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, who went from calling Trump a variety of names to licking his boots with a smile on his face, is a prime example of as much. The assumption has always been that the ex-president just “has something” on these people to pretty much blackmail them into doing what he wants.

But we’ve always had serious questions about former Attorney General Bill Barr specifically.

Barr, in particular, went above and beyond to shit all over the American people and protect Donald Trump at all costs. It was only towards the end of the Trump presidency, on the heels of the deadly, infamous Capitol riot, that Barr finally seemed to have enough and break away from Donald Trump. Prior to that, he was quite literally willing to lie to the American public, a la his “synopsis” of the Mueller report that was so misleading it wasn’t even funny, at the cost of his own reputation and career.

And no one knew why… Until now.

This evening, a former insider for Donald Trump, Noel Casler, released a video “blog” sort of covering the goings-on that have gone down regarding the investigations into and indictments of Trump’s business, the Trump Organization. For the most part, the former Apprentice employee covered a slew of topics that we pretty much already knew regarding the corruption within Donald’s organization. But there was one talking point within the video that really stuck out for us and it involved Bill Barr’s daughter.

Barr’s daughter, Mary Daly, took a job within the Treasury Department under Steve Mnuchin just shortly before her father took on the role of Donald Trump’s Attorney General. And, according to Casler, she was deeply involved in the corruption and coverups of Donald’s financial schemes within the Trump Organization.

Speaking of the schemes Mnuchin pulled for Trump to hide their corrupt trail, Casler revealed, “You know who helped with that? Mary Daly. Bill Barr’s daughter.”

If what Casler is saying in this video is true, it all finally makes perfect sense. Just as we reported earlier this week, Donald Trump allegedly has a habit of involving his people’s children in his business schemes in an effort to keep them loyal so their children don’t go down in flames with them. And it certainly seems as though that’s exactly what happened with the former Attorney General of the United States.

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