Former Pentagon Prosecutor Says Mike Pence Will Turn On Trump If He’s Faced With Contempt Charges Following Jack Smith’s Subpoena

It's over for Donald Trump.

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Yesterday, we reported on the bombshell development, confirmed by ABC News, that Donald Trump’s former right-hand man and Vice President Mike Pence has officially been subpoenaed by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was recently appointed by Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland to spearhead the DOJ’s investigation into Donald’s multitude of alleged crimes — ranging from his involvement in the January 6th Capitol attack to his efforts to overthrow a United States presidential election, to his infamous stolen Mar-a-Lago document scandal.

As it stands, the focus of the subpoena issued against Mike Pence by Jack Smith is not immediately clear and comes on the heels of months of wide-reaching investigation between Pence’s legal team and the Biden Department of Justice, but the consensus is that Pence will have to face questions regarding his former boss’ actions leading up to and during the infamous, deadly January 6th attack on the Capitol that put Pence’s own life and the safety of his family in direct danger.

The relationship between the former president and his former VP has been tense and strained, to say the least, ever since Pence openly and publicly refused to go along with Donald Trump’s illegal and unhinged plan to overthrow the 2020 presidential election results by trying to take advantage of congressional power that Pence never even actually had. It’s become increasingly clear that the pair certainly aren’t friends anymore. However, Pence has seemingly been reluctant to commit to going against his old boss in any way that truly matters.

But if one former federal prosecutor is correct in his assessment, this bombshell subpoena could change things in the worst kind of way for Donald Trump, serving as the potential turning point for the ex-vice president to officially flip on Trump if he’s ultimately faced with charges of contempt should he choose not to cooperate.

Former Pentagon prosecutor Glenn Kirschner made an appearance on MSNBC on the heels of the bombshell Pence subpoena development and said that this move from Special Counsel Smith could finally force the ex-VP to come clean about what really happened in the days leading up to and on January 6th, 2021 — information that Trump himself has been clearly desperate to keep from going public.

Kirschner was quick to note that Pence is not able to claim executive privilege in this case and will absolutely face genuine charges from the Department of Justice on contempt of court, should he refuse to cooperate with the federal subpoena.

The former prosecutor notes that Pence’s only path to executive privilege would be through President Joe Biden, which is far from likely to happen.

MSNBC host Cori Coffin asked Kirschner, “What does that mean for the Department of Justice investigation for Trump?”

“Not surprisingly, I’ve had witnesses decline refused to testify before the grand jury for all sorts of reasons, often it was out of fear or out of loyalty to the target of the investigation — that person I intended to indict,” Kirschner responded. “Sometimes they would throw out bogus privileges, attorney-client, or others and they had to litigate those asserted privileges for the chief judge with the supervisory responsibility over the grand jury proceedings.”

“In this case, it would be Judge Beryl Howell in federal court in Washington, DC,” the former federal prosecutor went on to further explain. “Judge Howell, I’m quite confident would reject any asserted privileges and order Mike Pence to testify and you know what? As much as Mike Pence might not want to provide criminalizing information about Donald Trump, I don’t see him defying a court order, and being held in contempt.”

Kirschner concluded, “I think he will play this out, as much as a system will allow him to play it out, and he will testify.”

If the former Pentagon official is correct, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

Watch the MSNBC interview here:

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