Trump’s Life Is Falling Apart As Reports Confirm Ex-VP Mike Pence Has Officially Been Subpoenaed By Special Counsel Jack Smith In DOJ Investigation

Things just got a lot worse for Donald Trump.

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I can only imagine that scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump is beginning to reach a point where he truly thinks things couldn’t possibly get much worse for him.

His 2024 campaign has been nothing short of a humiliating bust, key members of his own party are abandoning him at every turn, the evidence is mounting against him as the investigations, probes, and lawsuits gain speed with each passing day, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he genuinely knows that he is rapidly approaching the point of no return.

But things can always get worse. They can, and they have, in the former president’s case.

Late last night, ABC News confirmed that Donald Trump’s former right-hand man and Vice President Mike Pence has officially been subpoenaed by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was recently appointed by Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland to spearhead the DOJ’s investigation into Donald’s multitude of alleged crimes — ranging from his involvement in the January 6th Capitol attack, to his efforts to overthrow a United States presidential election, to his infamous stolen Mar-a-Lago document scandal.

As it stands, the focus of the subpoena issued against Mike Pence by Jack Smith is not immediately clear and comes on the heels of months of wide-reaching investigation between Pence’s legal team and the Biden Department of Justice.

In addition to the ex-VP, CNN confirms that Trump-era national security adviser Robert O’Brien was also the subject of a subpoena issued by Smith. CNN further reports that O’Brien has attempted to assert executive privilege as the basis for his ongoing refusal to cooperate with the investigation and turn over records that have been specifically requested by federal prosecutors.

Reuters recently confirmed, citing inside sources, that investigators and prosecutors with the Justice Department have been conducting interviews with other key Trump Administration officials in recent weeks:

Trump’s former acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf was interviewed by Justice Department lawyers in recent weeks as part of the ongoing special counsel investigation related to 2020 election interference.”

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