Former Republican Congressman Claimed Trump Was Overheard Saying He “Loved” That Our Nation Is So Divided

Of course he does. Division is Trump's whole schtick.

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President Donald Trump often complains that our nation is divided, but the reality is that he has sown and revels in the division, even going so far as to reportedly say he “loves” how divided the country is, according to a former Republican lawmaker.

It’s really no secret that Trump enjoys stoking division and hatred. Any look at his Twitter feed instantly reveals multiple vitriolic attacks on Democrats and anyone who criticizes or challenges him. He has called the press the “enemy of the people” and demonizes people of color and immigrants. There is no one more divisive than Trump himself, and that’s a fact.

Earlier this year, former Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.) confirmed that fact by pointing out that “Donald Trump has intentionally tried to create the anxiety” in our country, and proceeded to tell the story of a former colleague who overheard Trump say that he “loved” that America is so divided.

“Garry Kasparov, the Russian freedom activist, has said the point of disinformation isn’t to manipulate the truth, it’s to exhaust your critical thinking,” Jolly said. “To exhaust your critical thinking, that’s what we’re experiencing as voters.”

Indeed, disinformation is also a tool to divide, and it is employed by Trump’s propaganda outlet Fox News.

“I had a colleague that was in a meeting in the Roosevelt Room and he said he heard Trump say, ‘Have you ever seen the nation so divided?’” Jolly continued. “My colleagues and others said, ‘No, we haven’t.’ Trump said, ‘I love it that way.’ This is the currency that he’s peddling as political strategy, but it’s not one we have to accept. We don’t have to accept the anxiety that comes with Trump’s disinformation and division.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Make no mistake, Trump’s playbook is to divide this country as much as possible. Division will only help him in November, especially if he can sow it among Democrats and get them to fight among themselves. We see this every time he tweets about Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and how he’s not accepted by the DNC. He wants voters in certain camps to think that the Democratic nomination is rigged so that he can keep the party divided instead of uniting to beat him. And now he’s attacking Democratic governors during the pandemic any blaming them instead of himself for his terrible response. So, yeah, Trump loves division. But the only way to defeat his divisiveness is to deny him a second term.

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