Former Trump Attorney Reportedly Unwelcome At Trump Properties, Their Number Deleted And Phone Calls Rejected

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If there’s anything Trump can say for his “people,” it’s that pretty much all of them have been more than willing to destroy their reputations and most likely their careers all in the name of the guy who was impeached twice and only managed to pull off one term in office.

However, if there’s anything we can say for Donald Trump, it’s that he’s certainly not going to return that sort of loyalty to anyone. In fact, he tends to toss his people away like used tissues as soon as they’re no longer useful to him — which is exactly what happened to “Kraken” lawyer Sidney Powell.

If anyone led the charge of insane conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 presidential election and Donald’s embarrassing loss, it was Powell. But it seems like she went a little too far even for the Trump crowd, as the Daily Beast reports that the former Trump lawyer has been slapped on the “no-go list” as advisors to the disgraced former president work to rebuff any of her advances and keep her as far away as possible from Donald Trump.

“The ‘Kraken’ queen long ago removed herself from acceptability among the more respectable GOP circles with a constant stream of bizarre election conspiracy theories. But knowledgeable sources tell The Daily Beast that the places she’s unwelcome now include Trump properties, where advisers look to keep the former president away from her,” the Daily Beast reports.

“Her unrelenting antics have put her on an informal list of people to intercept should they ever appear, or if they even just try to call the 45th U.S. president,” the report goes on to explain.

The alleged rebuffs from the Trump team come on the heels of legal sanctions Powell is currently facing down in Michigan that could ultimately result in her disbarment.

“Two lawyers who currently work for Trump or in the former president’s inner orbit say they want absolutely nothing to do with her and have cautioned others in MAGAland to do the same. One said they’d recently deleted her phone number,” the report goes on to note. “Two other people familiar with the matter said that ever since he left office in January, certain advisers and longtime associates to Trump have kept an informal shortlist of people who they should look out for, including at Trump’s private clubs or offices in Florida, New Jersey, and New York.”

You can read the full report here.

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