Former Trump Casino Employee Revealed Donald Made His Workers Flatten Themselves Against The Wall When He Would Walk Down The Hallway

You have got to be kidding me.

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Given everything that’s transpired over the course of the last few weeks, it can be easy to forget that Donald Trump’s garbage behavior certainly isn’t limited to his less-than-satisfactory response to the coronavirus. It’d be a lie, though, if I tried to say that this COVID-19 ordeal hasn’t amplified his awfulness.

Recently, Trump’s cronies have taken to essentially offering up the majority of Donald’s base of supports as a “sacrifice” against the coronavirus when they declared that the older generation, the very same group of people that are most at risk of fatal complications from the novel virus, was basically willing to die as some sort of vigilante in an effort to save Trump’s rapidly plummeting economy.

Noel Casler, who formerly worked with the president on the set of his reality TV show The Apprentice and has spent the last three or so years of his life pretty much dedicated to spreading the real truth about Donald and his family, took this opportunity to remind the world that Trump has actually never cared about the demographic that made up most of his votes and Fox News viewers.

“The folks Trump is now willing to sacrifice are the same folks whose social security checks he took into slot machines and sent home broke without so much as a free buffet. He would walk thru casino with his nose in the air and got mad if they said hi to him,” Casler wrote in a tweet referencing the Trump administration’s apparent willingness to pretty much throw an entire generation of human beings to the wolves.

Now when it comes to Casler tweets, it’s often hard to prove the legitimacy of them. That’s not to say he’s lying, not even close. In fact, most everything he’s ever alleged has made perfect sense. His revelations are just almost always virtually impossible to confirm.  However, this particular Casler tweet gained a little extra viability when one Twitter user dropped a comment telling a very similar story.

Twitter user Ophélie commented under Casler’s revelation claiming that her mother used to work at Trump’s casino, and his attitude was even worse than we expected:

Casler even retweeted the reply, captioning, “Yep, that’s Trump.”

Frankly, it doesn’t get much more insane or disgusting than that. Something is wrong with Donald Trump, and he’s terrifyingly close to taking us all down with him.

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