A Former Federal Prosecutor Felt One Of Donald Trump’s Unhinged Statements Suggested GA Prosecutors May Be Very Close To Indicting Him, And The Ex-President Knows It

They're coming for him and he knows it.

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Over the years, it’s become very easy to get discouraged as we’ve watched the now former President Donald Trump get away with heinous crime after heinous crime without so much as an ounce of justice or repercussions for his actions. To say that it’s frustrating would be the understatement of the century.

But if one former federal prosecutor is correct in his recent assessment (and we really trust this guy), Donald Trump may be closer to handcuffs now than he’s ever been, and far closer than we realized.

Recently, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow broke the bombshell news that ex-President Trump’s team of attorneys met with Georgia prosecutors who are currently neck-deep into their investigation into the former guy’s possible election meddling in their state. Their investigation stems, in large part, from the phone call Trump allegedly made to Georgia’s governor and secretary of state, in which he demanded that they find the votes he needed to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election win.

Maddow drew the connection between the recent meeting and one particularly unhinged statement the ex-President released on the 18th of December, in which Trump asserted, among many other things, that “all Democrats do is put people in jail.”

Recently, MSNBC host Joy Reid asked former federal prosecutor and longtime trusted legal analyst for the network Glenn Kirschner if he thought it was likely that Georgia prosecutors were building a solid case against the one-term, twice-impeached, disgraced former guy for conspiracy to commit election fraud.

“Absolutely,” Kirschner answered, going on to note that not only did Trump pressure Georgia officials to overturn the state’s election results, he went so far as to threaten some form of retribution if they didn’t do what he said. “It is mind-boggling the crimes he committed. When I heard Donald Trump’s unhinged statement … the first thing this old prosecutor heard, and I said it back then, is someone just told Donald Trump’s defense team he’s about to be indicted.”

Kirschner, who personally worked as a prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia for 24 years, explained that, during his time as a prosecutor, he believes he participated in many a meeting like the one GA officials just had with Trump’s legal team.

“What we do is, right before we take that final trip into the grand jury and ask them to vote on criminal charges and return an indictment, we invite the defense team in,” the former federal prosecutor explained to the MSNBC host and their viewers. “We say, ‘Listen, maybe we’re looking at this wrong. If you have any exculpatory evidence, if you have any evidence that could exonerate your client, if we’re barking up the wrong tree, maybe we didn’t hear what we heard on the recorded call with (Secretary of State) Brad Raffensperger — unlikely, but still — we are inviting you to provide that exonerating information. And then, you know what, we’ll look at it and we’ll assess it before we walk into the grand jury that one last time and ask them to indict Donald Trump.'”

“That likely happened, as we’ve now seen based on the reporting,” Kirschner went on to add. “That’s what set Trump off. And it feels like the Georgia state prosecutors might be the first ones out of the blocks on the race for justice against Donald Trump.”

All I can say is it’s about damn time.

You can watch the MSNBC clip here:

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