Former Trump Staffer Implies POTUS’ Supporters Are Starting To Abandon Him: “The Spell Has Been Broken”

Have Trump's supporters finally had enough?

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Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says that Donald Trump’s supporters are finally starting to abandon him, judging by his pathetic rally crowd in Tulsa over the weekend.

Upon returning to the White House on Saturday night, a dejected Trump took a walk of shame from Marine One looking absolutely demoralized.

After expecting a massive crowd to attend the rally, even going so far as to brag about one million tickets being reserved, Trump appeared before a crowd of fewer than 6,200 in a stadium that seats 19,000. It was so bad that he had to cancel a planned appearance outside the venue to speak to the overflow crowd — only there was no overflow crowd.

While the sparse attendance can be attributed to teenagers reserving a ton of tickets and just not showing up, Scaramucci attributes part of it to Trump’s supporters just finally reaching their breaking point.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 120,000 Americans across the country. The economy is in shambles with at least 40 million Americans out of work. Police brutality and racial injustice have resulted in mass protests. And our reputation around the globe is in tatters. Yet, Trump is still insisting that he has made America great and that further greatness is still to come. It’s a lie that apparently many of his supporters are no longer buying.

Clearly, Trump’s power to draw a crowd has waned. One would have expected him to fill the stadium in Oklahoma, a deep red state that voted for him in 2016. But he couldn’t even do that. He can blame the crowd size on anything he wants, but the bottom line is that his supporters just didn’t show up. Now let’s just hope they don’t show up on Election Day.

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