Don Jr. Tries To Get A “Movement” Going To Replace Removed Confederate Status With Monuments Of His Dad And The Internet Has Some Thoughts

Trump's idiot son just had to weigh in.

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Donald Trump unleashed a Twitter rant Tuesday morning over statues that are being toppled, and his tweets contained a monumental amount of stupidity as he “authorized” the Federal Government to use vandalism laws that have already existed for years. On Monday night, protesters in Lafayette Square tried to bring down a statue of former President Andrew Jackson — a slaveowner who is also Trump’s favorite president.

That prompted a rare move by the Secret Service in which theytold the press to leave the grounds for their safety. There is no word if Trump found shelter in his bunker or not. Not to be outdone, Donald Trump Jr. took to his Twitter account to broadcast his dumbest idea yet. Junior tried to get a movement going “to replace any statue torn down” with ones depicting his racist father.

Twitter users piled in to give Junior a reality check.

This country is in pain, and the president and most of his family members want us to suffer more amid national crises. Statues honoring racists should be moved into a museum, and not prominently displayed outdoors. George Floyd’s murder during the pandemic was just too much for this nation to endure. We are shuttered at home trying to flatten the coronavirus curve, and the police just had to murder another unarmed black individual. This country needs to heal. Putting up statues of the man who has inflicted so much pain on this nation’s population, is just sadistic.

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