Former Trump Staffer Predicted Trump Will Ask His MAGA Fans To Take Up Arms And Defend Him At All Costs If He Is Defeated In November

November is going to be crazy, you guys.

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Before the 2016 presidential election, Trump supporters made threats of a Civil War if Hillary Clinton was elected. At the former reality show star’s campaign rallies, violent imagery was held up of the Democratic nominee with a bulls-eye framing her face. One Trump supporter hoisted a plastic Hillary Clinton head on a stick while others waved target signs at his campaign rally. Trump supporters were angry then, and after their guy’s electoral college win, they have continued to be angry.

Former Trump insider turned stand-up comedian Noel Casler spent six seasons on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, so he knows Donald Trump pretty well. He knows of his habits, including severe drug abuse, and his inappropriate behavior with his daughter. Casler has offered a lot of insight into Trump’s mind, which appears to be unraveling as his poll numbers decrease amid the pandemic that the president failed to act promptly upon.

After a blitz of tweets and retweets from Trump, giving the impression of a president screaming down the corridors of the White House at his predecessor for his own failures, Casler weighed in.

“If anyone doubts that Trump will ask MAGA to take up arms and defend him at all costs if he loses in November, you don’t know the man,” he tweeted. “He would plunge this country in chaos to escape justice or fair election results.”

Oh, Trump is already sowing doubt about the upcoming election results. Trump tweeted that mail-in votes are “rigged” and added that “These votes must not count.” Of course, Trump tweeted that about California, a state that largely rejects him. Trump’s war on blue states is nothing new, especially since the pandemic hit.

Trump previously maintained the election is rigged as part of a media conspiracy, and most of sane America knows his mindset, and that he won’t just accept the results and vacate the White House if he loses to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Former President Barack Obama knows Trump massively fucked up in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Obama recently vowed to campaign “hard” for Biden. If Trump loses, he would feel as if he lost to the man he has been obsessively jealous with, and his predecessor’s former vice-president.

Trump’s followers are so cultish, that if he asked them to eat his shit, they would — then they’d ask for a second helping.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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