Former U.S. Attorney Says Michael Cohen’s Multiple Visits With Manhattan DA “Is Not Good News For Trump”

Trump is not having a good day.

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Just last week, Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, was set to be interviewed for the seventh time with the Manhattan district attorney’s office pursuing a criminal investigation into the former president. John Dean, who was handed down a prison sentence for obstruction of justice during the Nixon-era, predicted that it’s only a matter of days before Trump is indicted. Well, according to a report, Cohen is expected for an eighth interview in the criminal probe, so things just got a lot more real for Trump.

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance said on an MSNBC appearance that reports of Cohen would be making the eighth visit with investigators is “bad news for Donald Trump.”

Vance, now a professor at the University of Alabama Law School, told host Ali Velshi that Cohen’s numerous visits with investigators indicate that he can guide them to “the best evidence.”

“What do you make of the fact he was invited seven times and has been invited back for an eighth?” Velshi asked. “John Dean talked about being a witness in Watergate, being interviewed that many times.”

“Michael Cohen can explain a lot of the evidence the Manhattan DA has in hand,” Vance said. “He may have been around a lot of the transactions; he may be able to look at the underlying taxes and tell them who was in the room. He can help guide them to the best evidence and help them understand transactions that may have been criminal conduct.”

“The fact that he’s been there seven times and is rumored to be going back for an eighth time is not good news for Trump,” she added.

Watch at around the 5-minute mark:

Velshi touched on the subject of Trump no longer having presidential immunity for his potential crimes. And, in my opinion, that’s why Trump spread his big lie of voter fraud that doesn’t exist so that he could cling to power even after being legitimately defeated by now-President Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote.

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