Former US Army Prosecutor Delivered Dire Warning: If Trump And Company Aren’t Charged For Jan. 6th Crimes They Will Do It All Over Again, “And Next Time They Will Succeed”

This is absolutely chilling.

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Former U.S. Army prosecutor Glenn Kirschner has certainly given the American people a whole lot to think about over the last several weeks when it comes to the disgraced, corrupt ex-President Donald Trump. But, if the man has given any warning in his entire life that we should heed as though our lives depend on it, it is this one.

Over the weekend, in a video clip posted on Twitter, the high-profile former federal prosecutor turned MSNBC and NBC News legal analyst warned that if Donald Trump and his cronies are not held criminally responsible for the numerous crimes they “inarguably committed” regarding the infamous, deadly January 6th Capitol riot, not only will they do it again… They will absolutely be successful this time.

Despite multiple fact-checks and debunkings, as well as failed lawsuits and investigations, Donald Trump and his inner circle and supporters continue to peddle the unhinged and baseless conspiracy theory that President Joe Biden only won the 2020 presidential election via nationwide voter fraud. According to them, Donald J. Trump was the rightful winner of the race, and therefore should be in office for his second term as we speak.

Not only do the ex-president and his insiders continue to spread this Big Lie, they continue to openly discuss the effort and lengths they went to in trying to overturn that election before Donald was officially evicted from the White House — this ultimately includes the Capitol attack, though Trump’s specific role in inciting that insurrection has yet to be fully “proven,” but it remains under heavy investigation.

Kirschner has repeatedly called on the US Department of Justice to indict Donald Trump in connection to those very same coup efforts — something the DOJ appears to be working towards behind the scenes.

Now, the former federal prosecutor is taking things a step further still with a stark and concerning warning about what will happen if they don’t.

“This continues to be a slow-moving but persistent coup by Donald Trump and so many of his Republican allies, his sycophants, his co-conspirators,” Kirschner said in the video clip that was uploaded to social media over the weekend. “And we are still at risk of losing it all.”

“If Trump and company are not criminally charged for the crimes they inarguably committed, DOJ [the Justice Department] will have given them permission to do it all over again,” the former prosecutor went on to add. “And next time they will succeed.”

He is right. And we all know it.

You can watch the clip of Kirschner’s unsettling warning right here:

Featured image via Petty Officer 1st Class Dominique A. Pineiro

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