Former WH Aide Took A Brutal Jab At Trump’s Physique In Testimony, Said Staffers Laughed Off Donald’s Desire To March To The Capitol: “I’ve Never Seen The Man Walk Across A Golf Course Without A Golf Cart”

Oof. Trump won't like this one bit!

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As they bring their long-running, extensive investigation to a close, preparing to disband as Republican leadership moves in at the beginning of the new year following their razor-thin midterm success, the January 6th House Select Committee has released their 845-page final report, chock full of evidence against the corrupt former president and his cronies. Along with their blistering report, and multiple criminal referrals to the DOJ against Trump and his Republican jockeys, the panel of investigators has begun to release damning transcripts of sworn testimony they obtained from some of the ex-president’s closest insiders.

The transcripts alone have shaped up to be absolutely detrimental to the scandal-ridden former president. But this one may truly be the best so far.

Among the transcripts that have been publicly released in recent days was sworn testimony from former Trump White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere, who testified to the J6 Committee that several of then-President Trump’s aides heard chatter in the days and weeks ahead of the violent January 6th Capitol attack that Donald Trump was desperate to participate in the march to the Capitol building on that fateful day, with his mob of unhinged, deranged, and dangerous supporters. However, according to Judd, a handful of the now-former guy’s aides and staffers couldn’t help but laugh off the mere notion of Trump’s possible participation in the march — simply because they’ve never seen the big guy actually walk that far.

Speaking with House investigators in a March 2022 deposition, Deere said, “I’ve never seen the man walk across a golf course without a golf cart. I can’t imagine him walking up Pennsylvania Avenue.” The former Trump Deputy Press Secretary went on to add that there were “security concerns” surrounding such a movement for the US President.

Judd admitted to Panel members that in the days ahead of the deadly Capitol attack, he had “jokingly” spoken with two of his fellow Trump WH aides, Molly Michael and Nick Luna, about the possibility of Donald Trump actually marching down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol building, where a Joint Session of Congress would be meeting to officially certify Joe Biden’s Electoral College defeat of Donald Trump.

“It was lighthearted, in jest,” Deere told investigators at the time. “It was, ‘He said this today. You won’t believe what he said today.'”

The former Trump aide went on to add that the trio of Trump staffers never discussed it in detail any further because “it was never serious that he was going to go the Capitol.”

Judd would go on to add that even after Trump had mentioned joining the march in his now infamous “Stop The Steal” speech on January 6th at the Ellipses, he still never believed it would actually happen.

“I was 100 percent confident that we were not doing an additional movement,” he told the Committee. “If the deputy chief of staff for operations told me we are not doing an additional movement, we are not doing an additional movement.”

Speaking of the fateful and fatal attack Judd, who now serves as communications director for Governor-elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas, said, “January 6th was a sad and frustrating day, and I was hurt.”

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