Former White House Photographer Appears To Troll Trump Over Impeachment With Old Photo Of Obama

This is honestly one of the best Trump trolls yet!

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There’s perhaps nothing more satisfying in this life, in this day and age anyway, than trolling the absolute hell out of Donald Trump.

Frankly, he just gives us so much ammunition against him, it would almost be a disservice not to.

And it’s not just us Twitter commoners that have a good time with it either. Trump’s behavior is so regularly atrocious that even some of the biggest names in politics, film, and entertainment have joined in on the rowdy fun — including 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, world-renowned bestselling author Stephen King, and music mogul Rihanna.

But one of my own personal favorites to have hopped on the Trump Trolling Train is none other than the former official White House photographer for President Barack Obama, Pete Souza.

I think I have the most appreciation for his Trump trolling because of his unique ability to draw extremely personal comparisons between a legitimate president and the sorry ass buffoon we’ve got taking up space in the White House at present time.

While pretty much anyone can drop a bitchin’ troll in the Twitter comments, Souza had the special privilege of not only knowing the Obama’s in their personal lives but capturing them as well.

It truly makes for not only a brilliantly executed troll but also a nostalgic glimpse back to a time where we had a president we were proud of.

Souza has taken to his Instagram several times now over the course of Trump’s reign of terror with startling, hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking comparisons he’s drawn between Donald and his predecessor.

But this most recent one, in the wake of Trump’s formal impeachment in the House and upcoming trial in the Senate, may just take the cake for me.

Posting a candid photo of Barack Obama biting into a peach in a grocery store to his Instagram account, Souza captioned the image, “POTUS with a peach as opposed to an impeached POTUS.”


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POTUS with a peach as opposed to an impeached POTUS.

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It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s simple, and it gets right to the morbidly hilarious point — Trump has one less thing to be jealous of his predecessor about. Obama’s experience with impeachment was limited to the fruit.

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