Superstar Rihanna Just Trolled Trump With Perfect Tweet, POTUS Will Hate This

They don't call her a queen for nothin'.

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Donald Trump loves him some Twitter. Seriously. It’s all he ever does. But he’s not like the millions of other users that use the platform to share things that make them happy and support their friends, family, and even strangers. Instead, Donald uses his Twitter account to make last-minute, hare-brained official announcements about shit that has no business on social media and to praise, well, himself. That’s about it.

Now Donald will retweet the absolute hell out of anything that makes him look or sound good, but boy is the man stingy with those likes. Because, honestly, he doesn’t like anything or anybody other than himself.

However, earlier this month Trump busted out that ole heart button for like, the 7th time in his life and liked a tweet from Heben Nigatu, in which she attached a screenshot of a recent interview with the singer and captioned it with praises, calling her a “Queen.”

Of course, Twitter users lost their damn fool minds — all in deep contemplation over why he chose this particular tweet to drop a like on and what the Queen herself would have to say about it.

While we may never know why Trump did what he did, we no longer have to wonder how Rihanna feels about it. Because today, she has clapped back. Hard.

Rihanna took to her own Twitter account to post a photo of herself and what appears to be several of her friends holding a sign that says “immigrants,” captioning it with a “Hey @realDonaldTrump” and a waving hand emoji.

Now, Rihanna herself is an immigrant to America, born in Saint Michael, Barbados. And it seems that she has absolutely no time for Donald Trump’s bullshit — considering he built his entire political platform on harsh, cruel immigration policies, he locks brown children in cages inside of concentration camps and continues to push for mass ICE deportations across the country.

To say the least, the Queen doesn’t want your likes, Donald. Keep that shit to yourself.

Featured image via Political Tribune Gallery 

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