Fox News Analyst Leaves Hosts Stunned, Unleashes Perfect Rant About Trump And GOP

There was no arguing this.

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The Republican Party has botched its chance to lead the country so badly that even Fox News is having trouble hiding the faults of the GOP. Earlier today, Fox News aired a segment that didn’t exactly go according to plan, when a contributor expertly pointed out how flawed President Donald Trump was as Fox hosts tried to bash Hillary Clinton.

This brilliant moment happened when Fox News host Jon Scott asked analyst and contributor Marie Harf what she thought about Clinton’s recent comment in which she said when Democrats “win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.” During that discussion, several panelists whined about how “uncivil” the Democrats were behaving, and Scott made the mistake of asking Harf, “Can you point to something that has been so uncivil that requires this kind of response?”

Harf, who was a former senior advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry, didn’t hesitate as she gave the perfect example of an unhinged GOP, leaving the hosts stunned. She said:

Donald Trump standing on stage at a rally saying he will pay the legal fees of anyone who beats up protesters. Look, Donald Trump is not like a model of civility. Let’s be very clear here.”

Harf also reminded everyone that Clinton wasn’t on the ballot. She said:

Quite frankly, I don’t think what Hillary Clinton says or her view on things will determine what happens in 27 days when people go to the polls.”

When co-host Sandra Smith argued, “sounds like you don’t want her representing your party,” Harf fired back:

It doesn’t matter what I want. The fact is she doesn’t. The people that will help us take back the House in the swing districts aren’t talking like Hillary Clinton. They’re talking like candidates that match their districts.”

Scott offered that some Democrats have taken more aggressive stances (yet nothing like what Trump has done). He said:

Cory Booker has said he wants people to get in the faces of members of Congress. That’s not exactly civil.”

Harf threw that comment right back, stating:

I have received my fair share of people screaming at me in public, people sending me threats from the other side.”

Fox News really wants its viewers to believe that the Democrats are somehow less civil than the GOP — however, there’s very little they can argue after seeing the terrible behavior from Republicans during Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination process. You can watch Harf put her colleagues in their place below:

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