Fox News Analyst Posted Screenshot To His Social Media But Apparently Didn’t Realize That He Left Extremely Inappropriate Content Open On His Browser


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Those folks over at the Fox News Network did everything in their power to paint their dear leader in the most flattering light possible as the November presidential election quickly approached. Despite their blatant stupidity in most aspects of life, which I suppose is a job requirement to work for Fox News in the first place, even Trump’s most beloved network knew that Donald’s chances at another four years weren’t as iron-clad as they wanted. And, turns out, he was a big, fat loser in the end.

But nevertheless, like the good little minions they were, the entirety of the Fox News team were doubling down in their efforts to help Trump weasel his way back into the White House a second time.

As such, one Fox News political analyst, in particular, got a bit too hasty and careless in his effort to portray Trump as the clear winner of the then-impending election while he simultaneously offered up his unsolicited thoughts on the Democratic 2020 candidates. And let’s just say desperation, in any form, isn’t a good look.

Brit Hume, who serves as the senior political analyst for the Trump-sympathizing network posted a screenshot to his Twitter a while back showing Trump in the lead across the board, with Biden holding the top spot in betting odds for Democratic candidates.

The screenshot clearly came from Hume’s desktop, where he had multiple other browser tabs open, and I can guarantee you, no one was paying any mind to those numbers β€” as one tab featured “Sexy Vixen Vinyl.”

Yup. It seems Hume was indulging in some good old-fashioned early morning porn when he suddenly decided he better remind the masses that Trump is great and Biden was apparently in the lead.

Of course, the Fox personality quickly deleted the offending tweet, replaced it with a cropped version of the screenshot, and carried on about his day as if nothing ever happened.

But Twitter knows, Hume. Twitter knows.


Featured image via screen capture

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