Fox News Correspondent Called Out Her Colleagues During Segment Over Ukraine Coverage: “I Report On Facts”

Finally, someone at Fox News found their spine!

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It seems like someone associated with Fox News has finally plucked up the spine to speak out against the ultra Right-wing misinformation machine after the network had the gall to air remarks from one guest that were disgustingly inaccurate with regard to the country of Ukraine.

According to a new report from People, Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin was forced to heavily push back against one of her colleagues when it came to setting the record straight about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a segment over the weekend, directly following an appearance by the former Pentagon official under Donald Trump’s administration, Griffin stated, “I feel like I need to correct some of the things that Col. Doug MacGregor said, and I’m not sure that 10 minutes is enough time to do so, because there were so many distortions.”

Prior to Griffin’s segment on Fox this past Sunday, MacGregor made an appearance on the Right-wing network where he stated with regard to Ukraine, “This is not the liberal democracy, the shining example that everyone says it is. I think we need to stay out of it. The American people think we should stay out of it, the Europeans think we should stay out of it. And we should stop shipping weapons and encouraging Ukrainians to die in what is a hopeless endeavor.”

MacGregor was flat-out asked by the Fox host if “stay out of it” meant lifting sanctions, refusing to provide military aid, and ultimately allowing “Russia to take the portion of Ukraine they want to take.”

MacGregor immediately responded, “Yes, absolutely.”

It seems Griffin absolutely could not let those remarks go unchecked.

“The kind of appeasement talk that Col. Doug MacGregor, who should know better, because when he was in government he was the one who was advising Trump to pull all U.S. troops out of Germany,” she fumed during her segment directly following MacGregor’s. “That projection of withdraw and weakness is what made Putin think he could move into a sovereign country like Ukraine.”

Now, Griffin has been with the Fox network since its birth more than 25 years ago, and since the Russian invasion and attack against Ukraine, she has seemingly made it her mission to staunch the blatant misinformation regarding Ukraine and the war that is constantly flowing from a network that’s not only notorious for its lies and deceit but one that’s been known for Putin-sympathizing rhetoric.

Frankly, it’s a damn nice thing to see.

Read the full report from People here.

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