Fox News Cuts Away From Trump At Rally To Defend Colleague POTUS Is Attacking

It was too much for Fox News.

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Donald Trump held an ego-rally on Thursday night in Colorado Springs, CO, and the president went off the rails. The former frozen steak salesman isn’t one to let things go; instead, if someone is critical of him, he never forgets it. Before the rally, Trump took to his Twitter account to rage over a Fox News segment in which the hosts were critical of his past debating skills and insisted that he “won every one of my debates.”

Trump’s scream-y rage-y tweet was in response to A.B. Stoddard of RealClearPolitics, who went on-the-air with Neil Cavuto Thursday during his show Your World with Neil Cavuto and described Trump’s own presidential debates as “disastrous.”

“I think that Donald Trump had disastrous debate performances,” Stoddard said. “Many answers were so cringeworthy you just couldn’t even believe he was still standing on the stage.”


Later, at the rally, Trump spent nearly  30 minutes ranting about the Fox News segment. It got so bad that Fox News cut away from Trump’s rally and Fox contributor Richard Fowler went off on Trump for attacking Neil Cavuto.

Here’s a clip of Trump trashing Cavuto, Shep Smith, and the network.

Then Fox News just cut Trump off.

Charlie Kirk tried to defend Trump but Fowler tore him a new one.

Trump also held up unscientific online poll numbers to prove he won the debates.

Cavuto addressed Trump’s tweet at the end of his show on Thursday.

“Meanwhile the president, not wasting any time, he heard A.B. Stoddard and tweeted out this, that she’s a Trump hater and that ‘I won every’ debate the last go around. You can read that as well as I,” Cavuto said. “But, just to point out, he did not. When you look at polls that came out from FOX, NBC, CNN, Politico, YouGov and a host of others, the initial read was that he had failed to do well in those debates. He ultimately won, but he didn’t poll well in those debates.”

Trump is a petty and extremely insecure man with a penchant for cruelty. He did not win the debates, and he has even tried to suggest in the past that he won the popular vote.

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