Fox News Host Forced To Correct Donald Trump On Live TV After The Ex-President Wrongly Believed US Troops Were Landing In Ukraine Amid Russian Invasion: “No, Those Are The Russians”

The man is a national embarrassment.

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Ex-President Donald Trump is, as expected, hard at work running his mouth about something that does not concern him in any conceivable way, with regard to the mounting catastrophe in Ukraine. Most of this week, we have spent reporting on the praises that the one-term, twice-impeached president has publicly heaped upon Russia’s dictatorial President Vladimir Putin, ultimately going so far as to call the dictator “savvy,” his military strategies “genius,” and suggesting that we need to employ similar tactics at the US southern border.

The mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine came to a catastrophic head last night after Putin delivered a surprise speech, essentially declaring war on Ukraine and announcing a “special military action” in the country. Just literal moments after his unexpected speech, Russian armed forces began to drop missiles on the country’s capital of Kyiv.

Donald Trump was quick to jump on a call with Fox News directly following the Russian invasion, where he pretended as though his thoughts and opinions on the earth-shattering development mattered in the slightest. Trump used the call to all put publicly praise and admire the Russian dictator and lay the blame for the whole ordeal on President Biden’s “weakness.”

The ex-president’s first call with the ultra Conservative network was cut off, but he quickly returned to the air, this time with a seriously hair-brained gaffe regarding the United States military.

As reported on by Business InsiderTrump called into host Laura Ingraham’s show, The Ingraham Angle, where he stated, “You know what’s also very dangerous is you told me about the amphibious attack by Americans.” — a statement that Ingraham was forced to quickly correct.

“You shouldn’t be saying that, because you and everybody else shouldn’t know about,” Trump chastised the Fox talking head. “They should do that secretly, not be doing that through the great Laura Ingraham.”

“No, those are the Russians,” Ingraham responded, correcting the ex-president on live TV.

“Oh, I thought you said that we were sending people in,” Trump blubbered as he tried to correct himself. “That’ll be next.”

Insider reports, “Primetime opinion host Laura Ingraham was referring to unconfirmed reports of an amphibious assault by Russian forces in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa along the Black Sea, where Russia has been conducting naval exercises in recent weeks. The Ukrainian defense ministry responded early Friday morning by saying Russian troops did not descend on Odessa by sea.”

It’s really a whole new low when the likes of Fox News has to fact-check you.

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