Trump Calls Into Fox News With Response To Russian Invasion Of Ukraine And It’s Worse Than We Expected, Appears To Make Excuses For Russian Dictator And Put The Blame On President Biden’s “Weakness”

We knew it was coming, but this was so much worse than we even expected.

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We knew it was coming, but we didn’t expect it to be this bad.

We’ve spent the majority of this week watching on in a collective state of horrors disgraced ex-president Donald Trump repeatedly heaped his praises on Russian dictatorial President Vladimir Putin, as the catastrophic situation in Ukraine rapidly mounted. We listened and reported as the former guy called President Putin “savvy,” his military strategies “genius,” and seemingly suggested that the United States could and should employ similar Putin-esque methods at our southern border.

Already, Trump’s behavior and rhetoric were so bad that even Fox News was forced to try to do some damage control by claiming that the one-term, twice-impeached, Putin puppet of an ex-president was merely “trolling the media” with his praises for the Russian dictator.

Late last night, in US time, the mounting tension finally came to a catastrophic head as Vladimir Putin suddenly aired a surprise speech, in which he essentially declared war on Ukraine, announcing a “special military action” against the country. Within meme moments of Putin’s shocking and unexpected announcement, missiles were dropping all over Kyiv, Ukraine.

It was an earth-shattering, life-changing, gut-wrenching development in the tensions that were rising between the two countries. Immediately, President Joe Biden released an official White House statement condemning the attack, and making the American people aware that he is dedicated to finding a solution to this catastrophe at Vladimir Putin’s expense.

Donald Trump called into Fox News to make excuses for the dictator and blame the entire situation on President Biden’s “weakness.”

Late last night, following the invasion and subsequent attack on Ukraine by Russian armed forces, Donald Trump called into the Right-wing network to put his nose right where it didn’t belong and offer an opinion on the matter that precisely no one gives a damn about.

In true Trump fashion, the disgraced former guy declared, “I think that it’s a terrible thing. The way it started, I really don’t believe he wanted to do this initially. I think he wanted to do something and negotiate and it just got worse and worse and then he saw the weakness,” seemingly referring here to President Biden’s alleged “weakness,” as Trump immediately went on to add, “And you know, it really started, I think, with the weakness in Afghanistan, the way they pulled out of Afghanistan. I really believe that’s where he started thinking he can do this.”

Might I remind everyone here that this entire situation started under the Trump administration — and Donald Trump did absolutely nothing about it.

Again, we knew a response was coming. And frankly, we knew it would be a troubling one. But no matter how much he does it, I just cannot get used to a former president of the United States blatantly, publicly, and proudly expressing admiration, sympathy, or understanding for Vladimir fucking Putin.

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